September 13, 2020

4 Steps to Optimize Your Link Building Research Process to Earn 10x More Links

A proactive approach to link building research is the key to success. The only thing that most of the marketers do not understand is how to start or where to start.

Link Building is quite complicated than just writing and publishing blog posts. Your content will not attract the ocean of backlinks only by waiting for them.

Because if link building will be that easy, then all of us would have DR90+.

Proactiveness is the key to earn links naturally and positively. Or it would help if you were Forbes.

4 Tips to Optimize Your Link Building Research Process to Earn 10x More Links: eAskme
4 Tips to Optimize Your Link Building Research Process to Earn 10x More Links: eAskme
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The only issues in backlink world is that most bloggers and marketer do not know where to start and how to attract those countable backlinks.

The only solution is to link building research.

4 Tips to Optimize Your Link Building Research Process to Earn 10x More Links

Today I am sharing four useful tips that will help you to earn 10x more links.

Link Intersect Report:

Link Intersect report of Ahrefs is here to help you.

You can use this tool to find link opportunities by targeting your competitors.

Don't just blindly fall for their link profile.

Your competitors are ranking above you because they have published the right content at the right time and got noticed by the right journalists.

It is not wise to go head to head in that direction.

Instead, focus on sites linking to multiple keywords or multiple competitors.

They are easy to target to link back to your site.

All you need is to highly informational content to leverage this link building outreach list.

Go to Ahrefs and click on "Link Intersect tool."

On Link Intersect page Enter your competitor's domain or urls in "Show me who is linking to these domains or URLs" boxes.

Now enter your domain or link in "But doesn't link to (optional)" box.

Click on "Show link opportunities."

Now you will see the report with link building opportunities. The report will show you like this:

In this example; I have targeted two sites in comparison with one website. The report displays the domain with the number of links to these competitors.

You will see the list of sites that are consistently linking back to the competitors.

And this is what you need.

Now sort the report according to Rank, DR, links or niche and export it.

The next job is to contact the best person to build relationships and earn backlinks.

Earn links from SERP competitors:

Can you earn links from competitors?

Yes, you can.

All you need to know is whom you should target.

Backlinks play an important role in ranking factor in SERP.

If you do not know what to do and where to start then here is the link building research process that you should follow.

First, go to Google and search for any keyword that you already rank on the first or second page.

Now create a list similar to content scoring to manage the list of sites or URLs you are targeting.

Make sure that the sites you choose must rank below you.


Sites that are ranking lower than your position can easily get influenced by your outreach.

Ranking below means that have low-quality content, and this is your chance to earn link building opportunity.

Now go to Ahrefs and check url's one by one.

To avoid spammy sites, set minimum DR score to DR20.

Export the list and start emailing the best contact person. Give them the reason why and how your content ranks higher and how informative and complete guide it is.

Now sit back and watch backlinks coming your way.

Target Keyword, Topic, Mention and Backlinks:

Millions of articles get published every day.

There are endless opportunities to build high-quality links in the best way.

The only issue here is, How to reach journalists, bloggers and writers?

And, here is the solution.

Focus on topic and keywords.


Use Ahrefs alerts tool or Google Alerts.

These tools will email you every time an article gets published on your topic or keyword.

Use can use this tool for:

Finding Unlinked Brand mentions:

Unlinked brand mentions are easy targets for link building opportunities. All you need is to find the article where they have mentioned your brand name without the link.

Email them and kindly request them to link back to your site or blog.

Topic takeover:

The topic takeover is another opportunity to find link building opportunities.

Steal Competitors Brand mentions:

Search for the brand mentions for your competitors. Make the list of sites where you can get the chance to place your link or brand mention.

Regain lost Links:

Losing backlinks is quite common.

The reason can be the dead site or removal of entire post or link.

Lose of high authority links will cause lose of ranking, traffic and content quality.

But there is a solution.

You can reclaim the lost links.
  • Go to Ahrefs, type your domain and check the list of "lost backlinks."
  • Sort the list according to DR, traffic, etc. When reclaiming links focus on high-quality backlinks.
  • You will see the list of pages where your link is not available anymore.

Now start email outreach by telling them:

To link back if the reference text is already there.

Or, ask them why they have removed the link and resolve the issue.

When doing outreach, focus on building relationships or ego-baiting to earn links.

Final Words:

Link building research process should be in-depth. This will help you keep the links natural.

Follow these 4 points, and your link building will increase 10times more as compared to traditional methods.

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