August 05, 2019

5 Positively Positive Link Building Tips that Work

The best thing about modern link building techniques is that it helps you get rid of the outdated link building strategies.

The common mistakes of old link building techniques were following mass link building or link building without targeting to and too much link building for the same anchor tag.

5 Positively Positive Link Building Tips that Work: eAskme
5 Positively Positive Link Building Tips that Work: eAskme

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Modern link-building focuses more on natural link building or earning links naturally.

The focus of natural link building is to build links without asking.

But it is not that easy.

Today I am sharing the five positive link building tips with you.


This is something that most blogger and webmasters do not follow.

Advertising has more impact than asking people for links or shares.

Advertising your blog post, product, or service, you can spread not only the word about your brand but also attract followers, ranking signals, and subscribers.

Google’s John Muller has also said that “Promotion is necessary to build links.”

5 Positively Positive Link Building Tips that Work: eAskme

Now the question is what type of advertisement is suitable for promotion?

PPC ads are undoubtedly one of the best types of ads to spread awareness about your brand.

The secret is to promote, which is truly useful.

You may also want to choose ad networks other than Google, but make sure that the networks should not be prone to click bots.

Social Media:

Social media channels are also the platforms to get more sales, spread awareness, get more traffic, and build some links.

The trick on social media is to cultivate popularity to earn links.

You can do this without paying to influencers on social networks. You need to make them fall in love with the content you are offering.

This strategy works for me, and it will work for you also.

Conference and Events:

Peaking at conferences and events also help you to attract the massive number of links naturally.

Niche Conferences are best to build relationships with other people within your industry.

You can use the speaker's quotes or notes or even interview them on your blog or website. This will help you leverage the popularity of others to earn traffic and followers.

When you meet someone at a conference, treat them as the best person you have ever met and listen to whatever they say.

You never know who can bring the best opportunities to you.

You can be a public speaker at some conferences or host a meeting. Start with local meetups, gain experience, and then go for more significant events.


Podcasting is not very new, but it is still sufficient to earn some links naturally.

You can publish your podcasts on sites like Spotify.

When your podcasts go viral, you earn tons of opportunities to get interviews by other podcasters.

Sometimes podcasters add your link on their websites.

Even if you do not earn any link, still you will be gaining popularity and business.

Build relationships:

This is something that I have been teaching the people from a long time.

You need to break the walls and try to build the connection with influencers and bloggers. Make sure you are building relationships with people related to your industry.

You should connect with them through testimonials, social networks, and endorsements.

You can even publish their interviews or link back to their content.

If you want to earn links, then you should focus on publishing articles without spammy links.

Final Words: (Nothing comes for FREE)

If you follow the above tips, then you will not only earn links but also gain traffic, authority, and popularity.

The natural factor works here as you will earn links without asking for them and without targeting.

TakeAway: Build links by not building links.

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