October 23, 2020

13 Proven Ways to Improve Organic Click-Through Rates in Google Search

By Sona Mathews

You can boost organic traffic without improving organic ranking! And, today, you will learn how you can do it.

Bloggers, SEO’s, and marketers struggle to rank in the first position or at-least on the first page of Google search.

If you are also one of them, you will be spending weeks or months working on the keyword you want to rank for. And, once you rank on the first page, you can still struggle to attract maximum traffic.

12 Proven Ways to Improve Google Search Organic Click-Through Rates: eAskme
12 Proven Ways to Improve Google Search Organic Click-Through Rates: eAskme

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It will be great for you and everyone if you know the way to get more organic traffic without improving your SEO ranking.


It is not about building more links.

Even better as it is not about creating more content.

The secret is CTR optimization.

And, here I am explaining click-through rate optimization for maximum organic traffic.

What is Organic CTR?

In simple words, Organic CTR or click-through rate is what you get after dividing organic clicks with impressions.

Here is the Organic CTR formula:

Organic clicks / impressions=Organic CTR

This means that the average number of clicks you get from the total number of impressions.

Why Organic CTR Matter?

CTR is all about people clicking your link and visiting your page.

Improving organic CTR will help you to;

Get maximum traffic for your blog or website without running after ranking.

Google search features like paid ads and snippets cause a decline in organic traffic to the top-ranking sites.

The only way for you to get the benefits by optimizing CTR.

How to Optimize or Improve Organic CTR?

But, there is more that you must know.

Here, I am sharing the top 12 ways to improve Organic CTR without improving ranking.

Find the Low Organic CTR content:

The very first step will take you to the Google search console.

  • Go to “performance.”
  • Select “Queries.”
  • Check “Average CTR.”

Here is what you will see;

Find the Low Organic CTR content: 12 Proven Ways to Improve Google Search Organic Click-Through Rates: eAskme

In the above screenshot, you can see that the average CTR is 2.3.

Note down the queries with the lowest CTR.

Fix Keyword Cannibalization:

Keyword cannibalization is the most common issue with most websites or blogs. This generally happens when you have multiple pages for the same keyword.

This spread out your organic traffic on multiple pages.

To fix this issue, you need to scan your blog content and identify where you have the issue.

Go Creative with Titles:

Your blog post title or webpage title should be appealing to the people. If your words cannot trigger emotions, then your page or post will not get traffic.

Work on title tag optimization and create attractive headlines.

Avoid messy title tags:

Avoid heavy tags on your post.

Brackets in Titles:

Hubspot Study shows that brackets increase the clicks by 40%.

Use Numbers list:

Moz has seen a 36% boost in organic traffic after using numbers in titles.

Brain Dean has increased his traffic by 652% in 7 days with numbered lists and calendar year.


Testing headlines in social media posts, PPC ads, or using a headline analyzer will improve your chances.

Don’t be afraid of changing post titles to see what works for you.

Descriptive Url’s:

It is my personal observation that the descriptive URL’s grab attention quickly as compared to non-descriptive urls.

For example; People would click on https://www.easkme.com/2018/10/sites-like-fmovies.html
Than https://www.example.com/123456789

Optimizing the URL structure will surely help you to grab attention. It will also help your SEO strategies.

Optimize Description:

A relevant description helps you to rank higher in Google search.

It also helps you to get maximum engagement.

Using power words in the description is the secret of making people your post more than others.

If you have added a number in the title, then use the calendar year in the description.

Structured markup:

Use the Schema markup.

Include the following Schema Types;

  • Article
  • Breadcrumbs
  • Event
  • FAQ
  • Local Business
  • Organization
  • Person
  • Product and Offer
  • Video

Using these schema markups will bring more visibility to your content in the Google search.

PPC ads fro Organic CTR:

Leveraging PPC data is the best way to improve Organic CTR quickly.

For example; Search the keyword which has low CTR, but you rank high for that keyword. Not create a PPC ad for that keyword.

This is also an easy way to test multiple headlines.

Trigger Emotions:

Emotions influence the decision.

Use emotional words like “best,” “amazing,” “secret,” “proven,” “best,” “top 10”, etc.

This will bring extra power to your Organic CTR.

Use Sentiments:

Both Negative and Positive sentiments drive high CTR. But sometimes you can rely on neutral sentiment also.

Use online tools like Monkey learn to check sentiment.

Title Case:

Understand the use of the Title case and Sentence case.

Use the title case to capitalize on major words. Use sentence case in major and minor words.

The title case will help you boost organic CTR.

Optimize for Featured Snippets:

Featured Snippets are the most effective way to boost organic CTR.

They appear on the right below of the search tab with the best solution for the query.

featured-snippet: eAskme


Hubspot has found that featured snippets have helped them boost organic traffic by 114%.

Improve page load time:

Load time is also essential for better CTR.

If your website is taking forever to load, then the visitor will quit it before it even opens.

Bonus Tips:

Also, keep your eyes open and focus on other engagement metrics such as bounce rate, time of site, etc.

If the bounce rate is high, this means you need to work on your content.

Please get rid of thin content and replace it with highly researched content.

Make your content easy to scan with creative visuals, bulleted lists, videos, headlines, etc.

The more value you add to your content, the more backlinks you will earn.

Google prevent click fraud:

Google is there to prevent all types of click fraud. So never click on your link in organic search.

Here is the articles that explain this.

The better Google CTR means, the better revenue and branding.


More traffic is your need. How to earn it is something that you will learn with following what I share about traffic and organic search and also with your experience.

If you still have questions? Share via comments.

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