September 24, 2021

10 Mind-Boggling Facts about Social Media Services

You may not know this, but there are many things that you can do with social media services.

They have been used for everything from marketing to customer service and beyond in the past few years.

10 Mind-Boggling Facts about Social Media Services: eAskme
10 Mind-Boggling Facts about Social Media Services: eAskme

This blog post will highlight few mind-boggling facts about these tools that might help you better understand them and learn how to use them more effectively at your company.

Facts about Social Media Services

1. Pinterest has over 100 million active users:

This is a great number for any business to be able to boast about, and it's no wonder many companies are using this service as part of their marketing plan.

For instance, you can use Pinterest boards to help show off your products or services in an attractive way that will generate interest from potential customers.

You may also find that Pinterest offers unique ways of engaging with the community and increasing sales since they already have an engaged user base.

2. There are over 300 million active users on Facebook.

This is another great statistic that any company can be proud of since one of the most important aspects of marketing is having a large audience to advertise to generate interest and sales.

3. YouTube has over a billion users.

This is an interesting fact since it's not necessarily common knowledge or something that many people think about when using this service for marketing their products and services.

However, YouTube offers unique advantages, such as creating videos with high-quality content that can be shared online easily and viewed by millions of potential customers worldwide.

4. Over 60 million tweets are sent every day.

This is another interesting statistic that shows the sheer power of Twitter since they have so many users sending out, reading, and engaging with content regularly.

Since this service has such a high level of activity, it can be very effective for companies to share their promotions or marketing messages online to increase business before other competitors do.

5. Close to half of Twitter users are outside the United States.

This is another interesting statistic that shows just how global this service has become, which can be great for companies who have a more international presence and want to reach potential customers from all over the world without limiting themselves.

6. Over a billion users have signed up for Facebook so far.

This fact shows the incredible power that this social media service has had and continues to generate as more people sign up regularly worldwide.

Since having access to such an expansive audience is invaluable for businesses looking for more exposure, they may find various ways of using Facebook to boost their marketing efforts online before others do.

For example, you can create business pages or groups where potential customers can engage with your content and see what types of things you are posting, which will help increase awareness about your brand while also offering some level of customer service at the same time by responding to comments made towards posts related to your products and services.

7. Instagram has over 200 million active users.

This is another service that many people don't think about when marketing their products and services.

Still, this social media site can be a powerful tool for companies who want to reach more customers online beyond the United States borders.

Since there are so many international users on Instagram from countries around the world, you will have ample opportunities of reaching out to new audiences since they may not typically see your advertisements being shown in other parts of the world unless you specifically target them with campaigns created using this platform as part of your marketing strategy.

The famoid is a great platform to buy real likes and grow on Instagram.

8. Over 100 million users are active on LinkedIn.

This service is great for companies who want to reach out and connect with other professionals in their industry or target audience since it's typically used by people who have similar interests, which can be helpful when you're trying to get the word out about your business at the same time as branding yourself online through content that will engage potential customers just like this statistic shows.

9. Tumblr has over 400 million users.

This is another surprising statistic about one of the many social media services available online for companies to use to market their products and services since Tumblr can be an effective way of reaching out to new audiences around the world who may not necessarily be familiar with what you have to offer or even aware that your business exists before viewing content on this platform which could help them develop interest at some point down the road if they are interested enough right now.

For example, businesses could create Tumblr blogs specifically designed to share information related to their brand and engage customers through comments made by other visitors while promoting themselves directly via links back to their website where people learn more about a company's offerings.

10. More than a billion searches are made on YouTube each day.

This is another service that can be great for companies who want to share educational content related to their products and services since it's typically used by people who have more general interests, which means they may not necessarily know what you offer or see your advertisements often unless there's some promotional strategy in place using this platform as part of the overall marketing effort, otherwise many visitors won't even realize that you're online at all.


The above facts highlight some key things you should know about social media services like Facebook, Pinterest, and YouTube: they offer plenty of opportunities for businesses to increase sales, improve customer service, and more.

Even though these sites have been used exclusively for personal use up until now, companies are starting to realize how beneficial they can be in increasing brand awareness which ultimately leads to increased revenue.

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