September 15, 2022

How to Increase Conversion Rate in 2024?

It's critical to comprehend the requirement to balance lead quantity and quality in lead generation. The secret to boosting revenue is not to concentrate on getting more leads. This is how you can boost conversion rate: by comprehending each stage of the funnel and improving the conversion rate at each one, you can turn leads into paying clients.

How to Increase Conversion Rate This Year: eAskme
How to Increase Conversion Rate This Year: eAskme

Why landing page design is so important for conversions?

The landing page offers the finest chance to leave an impression as it is the first stop for your online customers.

Using standard website components to persuade contemporary clients to purchase or complete a form on a landing page is difficult.

The following information demonstrates how landing page design affects conversion rate:

  • You have just seven seconds to make a good first impression. Users scan the page during this time and make decisions;
  • Regularly releasing over 40 successful landing pages can produce 12 times more leads;
  • Using the right types of targeting and testing can increase your conversion rate by up to 300%.


When someone visits a landing page, they immediately notice the title.

Whether a visitor wants to stay on the landing page and carry out the required activity, such as subscribing to a newsletter, making a purchase, or doing something else, depends on what you write in the header.

The headline ought to be concise, distinct, and appealing.

Call to action:

The call to action, sometimes called the call-to-action, is one of the most crucial sections on the website because it was developed to encourage the visitor to carry out the required activity.

The following variables affect a call to action's effectiveness:

  • Accommodation. At the end of the page, close to the "fold line," place the button. Putting a button after each content block is logical if the landing page is lengthy. Create space around the button to prevent unnecessary objects from drawing the visitor's attention elsewhere.
  • Text. The call's text should be concise and unambiguous. Use verbs that demand action, such as "call," "purchase," "find out," "register," "receive," etc.
  • Making the call to action stronger. Use trigger words like "here," "now," and "today" to increase the impact of the call to action. You can also impose a quantity restriction or set a time limit on your offer or discount.
  • Shape. Nowadays, buttons with rounded edges are more common. They are more easily understood visually and typically result in a rise in conversion.


Conversion rates on landing pages can be increased by using the proper imagery. 

Images need to be specifically relevant to your offer.

For instance, if you are selling a product, you can include a picture of the item or the customer using it. If you provide a service, illustrate visually how the client will profit from it.


Your landing page will convert more effectively if you include a video.

You may clearly show how the product works, the advantages of buying it, and even affect visitors' emotions with the aid of video.

Visual perception of the text:

Making text easier to read visually is another simple technique to boost landing page conversions.

When a visitor arrives at your landing page and finds it difficult to read what you have to offer, he will probably not read it and will instead depart.

To prevent this scenario:

  • Use a legible typeface that is not too small and consistent throughout the landing page.
  • According to the rule of thumb, "one paragraph, one thought," divide the text into paragraphs.
  • Increase the gap between paragraphs to prevent text blocks from colliding.

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