September 21, 2023

Microsoft Advertising Launched CTV Ads and Online Video Ads

Microsoft advertising has launched “Connected Tv Ads” and “Online Video Ads” to support every screen possible. With new ad sets, Microsoft is targeting billions of targeted viewers.

Microsoft is also expecting that programmatic video ads will add more value to Microsoft ads.

Microsoft CTV Ads and Online Video Ads:

Microsoft CTV Ads and Online Video Ads: eAskme
Microsoft CTV Ads and Online Video Ads: eAskme

Microsoft announced during the DMEXZCO conference.

Like Google, Microsoft is also targeting video ads with the expectation to improve 3.5 hours of ad views by 2024.

With new TV and video ads, the Microsoft advertising platform allows advertisers to create TV ads and video ads for targeted audiences.

Microsoft is Targeting multi-screen viewers:

Tech giants like Microsoft are targeting multi-screens.

Studies show that 80% of viewers watch news online on TV, and 90% of users in the US are spending more time on TV than any other device.

Now, advertisers can target audiences based on their behavior.

Microsoft CTV and Video Ads Features:

The reason why CTV and video ads can be more beneficial for Microsoft is because the company is able to target billions of data points that allow advertisers to find the target audience.

Microsoft collects data from multiple sources such as Microsoft Start, Microsoft Bing, Microsoft Edge, etc.

Now, the company is using machine learning technology to find targeted audiences based on browsing history, product preferences, and Demographic information.

Microsoft CTV and video ads will be displayed on:

  • The Wall Street Journal
  • MSN
  • Huffington Post
  • MAX
  • Bloomberg
  • Hulu
  • Fox
  • Discover+
  • Vevo
  • Samsung TvPlus
  • CNN, etc.

Microsoft is Expecting an increase in ad spend:

With new CTV and Video ads, Microsoft is expecting an increase in US programmatic video ad spending. 

The company is targeting a 30.2% increase in ad spend between 2023 to 2025. Video ad spending will likely reach $22.51 billion by 2025.

Microsoft Ad Spending Increase up to $22.51 billion by 2025 with CTv ads and Online Tv Ads: eAskme
Microsoft Ad Spending Increase up to $22.51 billion by 2025 with CTv ads and Online Tv Ads: eAskme
[Screenshot from insiderintelligence]

  • If you are using Microsoft ads, then you can use CTV and video ads without additional fees or setup.
  • If you are new to Microsoft ads, even then, you can easily create ads without any hassle.

With this announcement, Microsoft is tapping into the world of video and TV ads.

How to start with Microsoft Video and CTV ads?

Follow 4 easy steps:

  1. Create your campaign: Set your goal of video views and choose CTV or Video placement.
  2. Set Budget and Bids: Create unique ad spends.
  3. Choose Targeting: Choose targeting options to reach the targeted audience.
  4. Add Assets: Choose messaging and videos according to your ad.

You can even schedule a free consultation with a Microsoft ad expert to create ads.


Microsoft is a company that earns money from advertisers. The more advertisers spend, the more Microsoft will gain.And, to make sure that advertisers spend more, it is necessary to add multiple ad sets and features. The company is combining the scalability and impact of video ads and CTV ads.

CTV and Video ads help Microsoft to target advertisers and billions of users to increase revenue.

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