Blogging as a Full Time Career or Primary Job? Which is better if you are Living in India

It`s been around 2 years I had started blogging. I started blogging at the age of 27,  while I was working as Customer Support Executive. I have been asked so many times about is Blogging a better career choice. In the beginning I started blogging as a relationship advisor, which bring good fortune for me, But I was more interested in technology, So I moved from relationship blog to technology blog. So Today I am going to discuss with you, is blogging as a full-time career or part-time work.
Blogging as a Full Time Career or Primary Job? Which is better if you are Living in India : eAskme
Blogging as a Full Time Career or Primary Job? Which is better if you are Living in India : eAskme
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I am a professional blogger, but now I prefer to call myself Digital marketer or Internet Entrepreneur. Today I will discuss about various scenarios that will come in front of you if you plan to become a professional blogger and do blogging for full time.

Blogging is Not an Easy Job:

I see many people who don't want to do any job so they start blogging to make money. But they don`t even know that blogging is much more difficult if you are not consistent. If you can`t get successful on job chances are that you hardly get successful on blogging. Still there are bloggers who are good at  blogging even when they were not good at their jobs. Odds are everywhere.

Blogging requires patience, skills, dedication and creativity. There is no doubt that you can earn hell lot of money from blogging but only if you have patience.

Gaurav Kumar : My Blogging Journey So Far

Blogging is about learning, understanding, analyzing, writing and sharing. You need basic web-design, good English, good Internet skills, good reading writing skills and SEO skills. None of these can work without the others. You may make money for sometime with some tips or tricks but to stand always you need these skills.

You can`t just make money by clicking over some ads or do some simple surveys. Even if you find some such network it will hardly pay you anything.

So you must understand that making money online is not just easy task. It never happen overnight. You need patience, skills, dedication and knowledge. It also requires some skill set, knowledge and dedication.

Always Start Blogging for Part Time:

Noone recommend you to quit job and start blogging same time. It is always recommended that you should start blogging part time, while doing other jobs and once it get high value and you start getting good money then you are free to quit the job and move to full time blogging. Even the most popular bloggers such as Tony John, Amit Agarwal, Gaurav Kumar have started blogging part time.

Most Profitable Blogging Niche to Start Blogging

Blogging is for everyone but still it is not everyone’s cup of tea. More than 10k people search make money online daily on Internet and hardly 5 of them get success. So success ratio is not much high, but it is also because they lack planning, knowledge and commitment. I have always said it many times that if you blogging for money you will get fail, but if you blogging with passion you will always get success.

Make Blogging your full time career only when you get successful as a part time blogger.

It also depends on Gender in India (Male or Female):

I respect women and I must say that in India it is easy for females to grab attention even as a blogger. But if you are a male blogger then you should read this post thoroughly. In India girls mostly spend time at home so they can easily manage blogging by spending time on blog and home together at same time, but if you are male then you should read on.........

An Open Letter to Bloggers Who Are Choosing Blogging as a Career

Blogging alone or Blogging with a team?

I always recommend that success comes when you have a team of great thinkers and dedicated professionals. You should have a team but this also varies person to person. I have a friend who earn $2000/month working from home, but there are blogger like Amit Bhawani who have an office and team of content writer to work on blogs. That can bring more benefits in Indian society.

Challenge of Society on Blogging from home in India:

If you care what people think about you then you should never work from home, because in Indian people don't care how much you earn, all they care if you work in a Company or not. Friend of mine didn`t find good match to get marry for  few years just because he was working from home. 99% people on matrimony sites prefer person working in MNC.

Why Every Business Should be Blogging

When you start earning good money, I recommend you to start your office, as this will bring respect and also bring discipline in your work. If you are already rich then you can utilize your money to gain respect in Indian society.

Earning from Blogging is not consistent:

The biggest reason why people do not choose blogging as full time career is that earning from blogging is not consistent. Earning depend upon many factors such as popularity, followers, Google Algorithmic updates etc.

How to Choose Blogging Niche of Your Blog

I meet a number of people regularly who want to hire me to work on their blogs or websites. I always ask about their blogging experience and usually I get answer that they used to make thousands of dollar or hundreds of dollars in past but after Google updates they are not able to bounce back. This happens because of monotonous strategy.With time everything need to evolve. Earlier it was the quantity of traffic which was giving value to sites, but now it is more about quality.


Always start blogging as a part time and when you get success then make it full time career. Try to start office rather than just blogging from home.