July 13, 2015

Two Minute Tweaks that Will Immediately Regenerate and Stimulate Your Blog

Some times we know our blogs need an overhaul. We tend to get so focused on writing articles that we feel there isn't time to do anything else. But with just a few tweaks you will find that you can give your blog that fresh appearance. Yes in a few simple steps you can accomplish all you desire on your blog.

Two Minute Tweaks that Will Immediately Regenerate and Stimulate Your Blog : eAskme
Two Minute Tweaks that Will Immediately Regenerate and Stimulate Your Blog : eAskme
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Two Minute Tweaks that Will Immediately Regenerate and Stimulate Your Blog 

Make sure you use a compelling title:

When you make a title for your post. Realize that it is the deciding factor whether people will read the post or not. by just considering rephrasing your title can have a much stronger impact. Just by changing your title a little bit you will find that your title will draw lots more attention.

Making sure to link to other posts:

If you don't want to affect your bounce rate. It is a great idea to show similar articles. It may be posts that hasn't been seen in a while. Or you can link to your new posts from oder articles. As you may have improved on the information you were sharing.

About page updated:

When last did you check your about page? Most bloggers don't touch their about page since the time it was created. Anything new to add? Or to update?

Check any widgets thats in sidebar:

Did you notice that most sidebars are full of things that makes it look cluttered? It is an issue for readers to get the options they are looking for. It may be an option to subscribe to your bog or an option to share. So obviously it isn't doing much for your readers if they cant see what they want too. So reconsider the use of widgets on sidebars.

Consider the comments:

make time to deal with any comments on your blog. Even if you don't get many. If it isn't responded to it gives a bad impression to readers. Also it is very important to see that there isn't any spam on comments. Readers will think you don't care about your blog.

Use more correct information on your contact page:

It may not be disastrous to just add a contact me option. But it does limits for readers who may wish to contact you in other ways. By using your email address you should know that not many readers thin that it will be the way to reach you. It is much easier to link to your social profiles like Twitter or Facebook.

Featured in articles:

If you have been featured in other blogger's articles. Do use that s an extra link. Make sure that your readers know you have been featured elsewhere. Especially if it is on a very well known source. Make use of your sidebar or header to make sure that visitors to your site see's it. It gives the impression you are an authority on the specified topic.

Typo troubles:

If you don't focus on typos/ It gives a bad impression. Make sure there isn't spelling mistakes. You want your blog to look very professional. The truth is that possible clients and visitors will question your abilities if the spelling mistakes aren't deal with. You can also improve language and expressions to give it a much more professional impression.

Call for any reaction:

At the end of your post you can ask readers to share your post, or comment or even read another article related to the one you are using. As long as it benefit's you and hopefully them too. So why not consider it for future tweaks.
By using these tweaks today you may start to see the benefits and reap the just rewards. Just a few minutes at a time can do this for you. I hope you found the post helpful. If you have any question or suggestion, feel free to ask via comments.
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