April 27, 2018

6 Things You Wished You Knew Before Buying a Sofa Bed

The ideal world suggests your home should always entertain guests. This means you have to spare beds for whoever is visiting. It can be challenging,but most people depend on Sofa beds as their answer. But, we unknowingly make a few mistakes when picking one.

6 Things You Wished You Knew Before Buying a Sofa Bed: easkme.com
6 Things You Wished You Knew Before Buying a Sofa Bed: easkme.com

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Therefore, following we will discuss a few things you wished you knew before buying a sofa-bed.

How Often Will You Use it

This is an important question when it comes to sofa beds.

This helps to determine the type of mattress you should buy and where you will place it.

If someone is going to sleep on it at least once a week, then you need high-density foam mattress (2.5 pounds per cubic feet).

Mattress density is not very important unless the bed will be continuously used.

If it sees heavy use, then you don’t need obstruction that will get in the way of its transformation.

You need to set it away from décor items or architectural features that will get in its way.

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You get more placement leeway with these. Never let it stand alone, and create conversation area by arranging armchairs, and end tables.

Pick a Style

You need to pick something that will match with the rest of your interior.

Choose something that goes along with your setting, and doesn’t look out of place.

These beds come in different styles and colors. So do your research, and choose something that accommodates your interior.

The Color

It’s more important than you believe. The color you pick should work with the existing palette of your space.

You have more flexibility than you believe as you have to coordinate colors, texture, patterns,and themes to connect the new sofa with the rest of your décor.

You can change smaller items based on the current event, and this will freshen up your current setting.

Try a new setting at every event to make your living space more welcoming.

Remember, you don’t need to match everything, but you have to maintain the design flow with the right colors, textures,and items.

Pick the Right Accessories

 If you are putting the sofa bed in a formal space or casual, choosing the right accessories can have a big impact.

So throw in some blankets and pillows to give the right impression of space despite if it's formal or casual.

Whatever accessories you pick, it should harmonize with the color palette of your room.


Yes, you can use sofa beds to store items like pillows, cushions, blankets, etc.

Looking for bedding that come with storage options, you can use these storage units to keep the pillows and blankets for your guests.

Whatever you pick, keep the quality in mind as a well-made product will last years of practical use.

The Right Mattress

Most mattresses have springs; they can poke or get creaky.

Therefore you should opt for memory foam with innerspring hybrids with air inflation above the mattress which makes it thick.

It is necessary to choose the best cheap mattress.

This is a bit costly,but it will see years of use without much wear and tear.

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