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Social Meeting for Bloggers and Brand Experts (What, How & Benefits)

Some people think that social gathering and social meeting both are the same things. But Gaurav Kumar, Founder of eAskme, has created a difference between these two terms.

According to Gaurav Kumar, “Social Gathering is when people gather without a specific focus. People sometimes gather just because other people are gathering there. The social meeting is a meet with focus. In a social meeting, only the people who have something to say or discuss are allowed to take part.”

This tells that social meeting is more professional than a social gathering.

In the professional world, Social meeting is more influential.

But most of the world is ignoring it.

Even when professionals are running Facebook campaigns to gather people for webinars, they do not focus on targeting the specific set of audience.

You cannot expect from the herd of 1000 people to turn your business into a brand.

But, you can expect two experts to multiply the growth of your business.

This thought has helped Gaurav to develop the concept of “Social meeting” for bloggers and brands.

What is Social Meeting?

The social meeting is where you meet with professionals and like-minded people for mutual growth.

This is also a way to growth hacking.

When you meet with industry experts or influencers in your industry, this will help you to not only expand your network but also expand your mind, skills, and knowledge.

In a social meeting, you invite professionals and industry experts to join the social meet and share knowledge.

Types of Social Meeting:

According to Gaurav, there are two significant forms or types of Social meeting for bloggers and brands, such as;
  1. Public Social Meeting
  2. Secret Social Meeting
One thing that is common about both social meeting types is that these are invitation based. Noone is allowed without invitation.

The difference between Public social meeting and the secret social meeting is that in Public social meeting, people can see the messages of other participants and also know who else is participating in the conference.

But, in a secret social meeting, attendees only know about the host.

They can send messages to the host, but they do not have access to other participants.

For example; if you are running a Facebook live only for people you have invited then you know it is a public social meeting as people can send messages to each other, reply on the comment of each other and check what others are saying.

But if you’re social meeting is secret, and you only allow people to chat with you like on Skype, then no one can see what others are saying.

How to arrange a social meeting?

The beauty of the social meeting is that you need not be in front of the person to arrange a social meeting.

You can arrange social meetings online on;
You can also make professionals visit your place for the expert social meet.

If you want to arrange a social meet, then you need to outreach the experts and ask them to join your social meetup.

Draft an email with the specific topic and send the emails to all the industry experts or experts in your network to get their approval.

Fix the time and go live on schedule.

If you are arranging a social meeting offline, then I advise you to do it in a restaurant or at a professional space.

Make sure that the place is comfortable for all.

What are the benefits of Social meeting for bloggers and brands?

What are the benefits of Social meeting for bloggers and brands?: eAskme

The social meeting offers similar benefits to all bloggers and brands.

Connect with like Minded and influencers:

The social meeting is the best way to connect with the like-minded people or influencers in your industry.

In a social meeting you will discuss the topic with influencers and try to find the best way or discover new options to increase the growth rate.

In a social meeting you can connect with;
  • Experts

  • Critics

  • Researchers

  • Reporters

  • Designers

  • Developers

  • Motivational Speakers
These types of experts will multiply the benefits of a social meeting.

Mutual opportunities:

Social Meeting Concept for Bloggers and Brand Experts (What, How & Benefits): eAskme

The social meeting is the best way to find opportunities to develop a mutually beneficial relationship.

Remember: never go for link exchange but focus on value exchange.

In a social meeting, you will have people from your niche or related niche.

These are the people who are already doing great in their field, or their blogs are ranking better.

Tip: You cannot expect something from influencers without adding value to their business.

So it is necessary that you should start giving importance to the industry experts.

You can add value to the influencer business by;
Master tips: Spend atleast six months engaging with bloggers or experts on blogs and social media channels so they can remember your name and know that you are following them on every place and appreciating their work.

Once you place your name in their mind as a genuine person, then ask them to join your social meeting, and they will never say no.

This will also open the doors for new opportunities such as;

Learn from Experts:

Learn from experts: Social Meeting Concept for Bloggers and Brand Experts (What, How & Benefits): eAskme
Add caption

"Take the success with you, walk with the successful people: Gaurav Kumar."

This is a simple line which tells the success to follow those who follow the successful people.

There are two significant ways how you can learn from experts, such as;
  • Ask them
  • Follow them
Both work together, but it is not possible to get a quick answer as most of the experts are very busy.

So it is always wise to follow the experts and industry leaders.

Learn from what they do and how they do.

If you have been following eAskme.com from a long time then may have already found that it works whenever I publish a new post.

You can only get updates from me if you are following eAskme.

Final Words/Conclusion:

Expert bloggers like Gaurav have been dominating social meeting from a long time. But Gaurav is the first one who gave this concept a functional name “Social Meeting.”

The social meeting is the dominant way to boost the overall performance of your business, brand, and blog.
  • Are you interested in a social meeting?

  • Have you ever attended a social meeting?
Stay tuned with eAskme follow Gaurav Kumar on Facebook to get social meeting invitation from us.

If you still have any question, feel free to ask me.

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Ninja Outreach Review: Must Have+ Tool for Blogger Outreach (14 days free trail)

Ninja Outreach is software for you to boost your outreach. Outreach is something where most of the bloggers are struggling. As a blogger, you may face many challenges such as how to boost traffic, how to increase email subscribers, how to improve Alexa rank, how to increase domain authority etc. You may be working days and nights to improve your blog and achieve your target.

Ninja Outreach Review: Must Have+ Tool for Blogger Outreach (14 days free trail): eAskme
Ninja Outreach Review: Must Have+ Tool for Blogger Outreach (14 days free trail): eAskme
Other people are reading: CPAMatica Review: Find Great CPA Offers For Dating Niche & Others

Without a proper outreach tool, blogger outreach is the thing which can make you eat your own brain.

Blogging is not just about writing and sharing but it is also about building professional connections with the influencers in the industry. These connections help you to boost your brand strategies.

Today I am going to help you with a tool that is highly professional and fully functional to boost your outreach campaigns.

Ninja Outreach:

Ninja Outreach is professional outreach software. It was launched in January 2015. This is the tool which is not just used by professional but also one of the most recommended tool online.

Today I am going to cover each and everything about Ninja Outreach so that you can learn what Ninja Outreach is, why you should use it, what are the features of Ninja Outreach, why Ninja Outreach is important and what are the pros & cons of Ninja outreach software.

What is Ninja Outreach?

According to Ninja Outreach team, it is the best outreach and prospecting tool. It is the quality tool to connect with influencers in your industry and find quality guest posting opportunities.

In the beginning of my career, I also spent hours on daily basis to connect with influencers with least success rate. I was not aware of any tool as till that time Ninja Outreach was not there.

Ninja Outreach is there to help you save your time and efforts. It is more than an outreach tool, yet the main purpose of Ninja Outreach is to connect with an influencer and find guest post opportunities.

Who should use Ninja Outreach?

We are in the era of influencer marketing. To become an influencer you need to connect with the influencers in your industry.

Ninja outreach is the tool that helps you easily is cover the opportunities to find industry influencers and connect with them.

Every single business wants to harness the power of outreach and that is where Ninja outreach comes to help. No matter you are a newbie running a small business or an entrepreneur, ninja Outreach is for all.

Why is Ninja Outreach important?

Manual Outreach is really a time-consuming thing and it a lot of efforts before you receives a reply from an influencer.

Time is a commodity and you do not want to waste it at any cost. Ninja outreach saves your time and efforts.  You can invest your time in other productive things.

Ninja outreach does all the process to find the influencers and help you to find guest posting opportunities.

Features of Ninja Outreach software:

  •     Quickly personalize templates
  •     Search influencers by using keywords
  •     Organize contacts
  •     Manage relationships
  •     Check social influence
  •     Automate email outreach campaigns
  •     Track email statistics
  •     Follow-ups
  •     Autofill Contact Forms
  •     Personal inbox

Ninja Outreach Services:

Ninja outreach is not just an outreach tool for you but they also offer more personalized services such as;
  •     Hire a Ninja Service
  •     Expert Roundups service
  •     Guest post service
  •     Business consulting service
  •     Content writing service

Why you should use Ninja Outreach:

The main reason why most of the professionals are using Ninja outreach is that it saves time and makes the blogger outreach process quite effective. It is the best tool to find guest post opportunities.

Ninja Outreach also educates you with its knowledge base. The training program is amazing and covers everything that you need to know.

Ninja Outreach offers a 14-day trial for free. You can easily utilize this opportunity to find out how to use this software and boost your outreach before you buy a premium plan.

The paid plan starts with $19/month which is valuable for starters or bloggers.

Searching guest post opportunities with Ninja Outreach is very easy.  The keyword option is also quite helpful.

Do Ninja Outreach paid plan worth getting?

Ninja outreach is solid software for outreach job. They not only give you the software but you can also get help whenever you need.

If you have used their 14-day free trial, then you will definitely go for their paid packages.

Good opportunities do not wait for a long time, so it is your time to grab the free trial of this professional blogger outreach tool.



Make Money by Blogger Outreach Program for Bloggers and Marketers (Join Now)

When it comes to making money with blogging, I am not the only one who is making money online. Keeping this thing in mind, I have designed a new program for bloggers, SEO, and internet marketers who want to make money online by offering blogging and blogger outreach services.

Make Money by Blogger Outreach with eAskme: Bloggers and Marketers Join Now: eAskme
Make Money by Blogger Outreach with eAskme: Bloggers and Marketers Join Now: eAskme
The beauty of this program is that it is open for all.

There are 300+ bloggers who are working with me on various projects on daily basis. I know there are thousands of bloggers who are looking for opportunities to make money with blogging and guest posting.

Here I am going to offer you all a program called, “Make Money by Blogger Outreach” and “make Money with guest posting”.

Now you want to know what this program is all about?

Let me share the details with you.

Make Money through Blogger Outreach or Guest posting:

This is a program which is similar to any sponsored post network. It works similar to odesk or blogmint.

All you need is a quality blog on any niche to join this program.

I will be sharing various projects on regular basis in Blogger Outreach section of eAskme. You need to fill the details to get the work or I can say the bid to get the work.

Only qualified blogs will be awarded the project and earn money after successfully completing the project.

Projects that will be covered under this program are;

  1. Sponsored posts/ Paid guest posts
  2. Text link services
  3. Backlink services

How to join Make money with Blogger Outreach program?

To make money with blogger outreach or guest posting program, you need to fill the below-given form and follow steps.

Fill the details

Once you register for this program, you will start getting notifications or emails about the projects I will launch or share on eAskme.

All you need is to bid on those projects to get the job.

You will be paid after successfully completing the project, means final approval from the client.
So what are you waiting for? Just fill the form and be part of this program to improve your chances to make more money with blogging.

Still, have any question, feel free to ask me on Facebook.

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