July 08, 2019

Reasons to Add Customized Popsockets To Your Marketing Strategy

By Sona Mathews
Promotional items have a new accessory added and that is ‘customized popsockets’.

These are phone holders or grips or stands, which are increasing in popularity.

Reasons to Add Customized Popsockets To Your Marketing Strategy: eAskme
Reasons to Add Customized Popsockets To Your Marketing Strategy: eAskme

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On social media feeds, celebrities are seen posting their pics using popsockets.

Features of popsocket

  • Circular and small contraption with flat base.
  • Reposition-able and rinse-friendly gel, which allows it to stick to several surfaces including devices and cases.
  • Serves as great phone grip and perfect base to click selfies.
  • Easy to transport.
  • Use it as stand to enjoy watching videos.
Companies are grabbing the opportunity to design customized popsockets and promote their brand.

Still in doubts, whether to add it to your marketing campaigns or not?

Well, below are some good reasons to use customized popsocket as promotional item.

Increase brand visibility

Check the statistics given below to get an idea of how your brand visibility can skyrocket.
  • 85% People keep Smartphone handy, all the time.
  • In the US, 77% adults own Smartphone.
  • In an average user’s touch, their Smartphone 2,617 times daily.
It means, customized popsocket attached to Smartphone allows your logo to be seen by everyone around, when you use it in public.

Your business thus gets maximum exposure and brand visibility, that is necessary.

Effective and affordable giveaway

For promotion you will need to buy in bulk and enjoy great discounts.

You can customize wholesale popsockets within your budget.

These tech promo items are useful in respect to sheer value. They can deliver powerful ROI to your marketing campaign.

Functional and fun

After a conference or trade show, the distributed popsockets will not end up in trash because these are useful accessories.

They are cool giveaways for any event.

Selfies can be clicked without getting clumsy and there is no need to use some impromptu things to prop up the phone for watching videos. They even act as earbud holders.

Durable and long-lasting

When promotional items are selected, its usefulness and impact is taken into consideration.

You will find logos on variety of giveaway products like pins, pencils, bookmarks.

Overtime, these items get lost or break.

Popsockets are durable and useful, so the recipients will happily use them for long time.

Thus, the impact of your advertisement will also be long lasing.

In trend now

Celebrities are sporting them nowadays. Popsocket has caved its way in the lives of famous and rich. Iconic selfies on social media shows the popsocket gloriously, thus your business can get wide exposure.

Consumers can get on this current trend with ease as they are useful and available. Smart marketers need to leverage their brand popularity with this in mind.

In business world, marketers need to think outside the box, so as to stay in front from their competitors.

Imprinting logo in useful products is great strategy to create brand awareness.

Promotional giveaway items with your brand logos is an effective way and customized popsockets can play a huge role in your marketing strategy.

Identify this swag of getting highest ROI that impacts heavily. So, cash in on customized popsocket technology!

If you have any question, do let me know via comments.

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