October 18, 2019

5 Tips for Creating Attractive Enamel Badges

It comes as no shock that badges and pins have gained popularity as must-have branding items in all savvy companies' marketing arsenals.

These types of markers are back in a very confident and solid manner, and it’s all for a good reason.

Personalized badges and pins are adaptable, great quality, and they are trendy all over the broad consumer market that exists.

5 Tips for Creating Attractive Enamel Badges: eAskme
5 Tips for Creating Attractive Enamel Badges: eAskme

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In 2017, Pinterest stated that explorations for old-school pop culture images rose by 800%.

A perfectly crafted pin can assist in boosting brand awareness by converting the public into your talking, walking company ambassadors.

In this fast-rising competitive industry, developing an intriguing enamel badge is an effective tool to differentiate your brand from others.

Here are five tips for making enamel badges that will function effectively.

1. Various Designs

When the thought of promotional pins and badges comes to mind, the majority of people picture tiny circular button badges.

While button badges are standard and affordable, personalized enamel pins are available in a wide range of designs.

When creating your dream badge, size is also vital. A clever way to go about it is by using an extreme approach.

Try making a maximum-sized version of your brand or logo.

Another way is by designing a collection of beautiful small badges.

Both options are valid and there is no harm in doing both if you can.

2. Consistency

You have created a business that the public recognizes, and much of this is due to flexibility in colour, design, placement, and utilization of your messaging and logo.

Brand consistency is vital since it determines authenticity and assists individuals to identify and pick your brand over the rest.

Even though a business depends on delivery more than the image, this consistency should be maintained and applied to all company merchandise, especially wearable goods such as enamel badges.

Keep in mind that color is also key for brand consistency

3. Soft or Hard Enamel?

A prime and essential step while designing is picking a suitable enamel to use with your badge.

You have the option of selecting between soft and hard pins.

Hard enamel badges have polished durability, enabling them to last for longer, maintaining their shiny appearance. They appear and feel smooth with high noticeability.

Soft enamel pins, however, are cost-effective but lack the subtle polish finish and are more suitable for businesses that are on a tight budget.

4. An Elegant Finish

Make sure to pick a shine that matches your enamel badge build with your business. If you choose hard enamel badges, you have the choice of having a shiny or misty finish.

Both of these create a tasteful feel and look to your pins.

You also have the freedom to try an old-school vintage coating.

An antique finish is great for exclusive use or retail.

Before you decide on a finish, consider your budget and the product's intended purpose.

5. Choose a Suitable Partner

Yes, like all services, you need to make sure that you get a professional to do the job.

By hiring experts, your product is guaranteed to be of excellent quality and design.

One tip when looking for partners is to make sure you find a one that offers free designing services and works with you until you receive a suitable product.

Hopefully this article will help you create a suitable enamel badge for your brand.

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