March 17, 2020

Guide To Use Social Media In Online Gaming

Gaming has long gone beyond gathering people at a physical location to play. Many gamers now prefer to play online from the comfort of their homes.

With this increase in the number of online gamers, gaming brands have begun to use social media as a promotional tool for their games.

Guide To Use Social Media In Online Gaming: eAskme
Guide To Use Social Media In Online Gaming: eAskme

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Social media is used for more than just promotion of these games, but also to interact with gamers and grow follower-ship of brands.

Therefore, the good use of social media by Gaming Brands is not an option today.

Here we mentioned some social media platforms and how to use them for promotion of your gaming brand.


YouTube is unarguably the largest online video platform today.

It is the best video platform to use for attracting more audience and engaging your followers.

How to use your YouTube channel:

Betway, for example, actively uses YouTube to promote their games.

Their Esport channel has close to 200K subscribers. They upload interviews, gaming sessions and make announcements on this channel.

Their use of YouTube and other social media platforms have opened doors to many countries for them.

The successful launch of Betway India is one of the results.

Betfair, an online betting site also makes use of Youtube to share betting tips and advice to players.

This way, they gain more followers and engage their followers.


Unarguably the largest social networking site, Facebook has users from every part of the world. It is a great tool for promoting online gaming.

The social network gives you the opportunity to reach people in different parts of the world.

Here’s how to use Facebook:

  • Live Streaming of games: Like YouTube, Facebook also lets you stream your games live. You can easily see live comments and feedback from viewers. You can also answer questions in the comment section.

  • Share information and announcements. This can be in pictures or text formats.

  • Organize Giveaways and contests.

  • Boost your posts: Facebook allows you to post your posts and pages. With this, you can reach more users who are interested in gaming to follow you.

Zynga Casino, for example, makes use of Facebook to promote their games and have over 2 million followers.

Their slot - “Hit It Rich!” is one of the most popular slots on Facebook. The slot is available for play on Facebook.


This is one popular tool used by companies to make announcements of new products and events.

The use of tags on Twitter helps to increase organic reach of posts.

Here is how to use Twitter:

  • Make announcements about your streaming schedules.

  • Run giveaways and contests and encourage re-tweets.

  • Follow online gaming influencers and lead gaming brands. Mention them in tweets and also make comments on their tweets to attract their attention

  • Use tags to get more followers organically.

  • You can also go live using a Periscope account.

Paddy Power, a betting site has over 600K followers on Twitter.

They share tips, information about new games and make announcements.

An example of a game promoted on Twitter is Rainbrew slot.


Instagram is another great social media platform for promoting online gaming.

Instagram also lets you go live, share pictures and videos.

There are some limitations on video uploads and going live on the main map.

However, IGTV helps to cover up for those limitations.

How to use Instagram:

  • Use tags and trending gaming terms in your posts to enhance organic reach

  • Go live periodically to engage your audience

  • Conduct giveaways and contests

Slotomania, an online casino has over 100K followers on Instagram where they share photos and videos to encourage gamers to play on their casino.

An example of games well promoted on Instagram is NetEnt’s Ozzy Osborne vide slot.


Twitch is a platform run by Amazon dedicated mainly to live streaming of gaming videos.

It supports live streaming of all electronic sports gaming and has apps available for mobile devices.

CasinoDaddy, an online casino is one of the top users of twitch.

One of the games streamed live on twitch is Space Wars Slot.


Social media no doubt gives the opportunity to promote online gaming.

However, one needs patience and creativity to make it work.

Start using social media and watch your gaming brand expand.

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