May 24, 2020

Engage with Your Audience Across Different Mediums

Knowing how to pull in an audience and drive traffic to your website is a particularly important skill set for any business.

Planning to use digital marketing in its various forms to develop new avenues for revenue generation is key to avoid getting stuck in traffic plateaus where motivation goes to die

Engage with Your Audience Across Different Mediums: eAskme
Engage with Your Audience Across Different Mediums: eAskme

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Here are a few ways that you can engage with your audience across different mediums.

Driving Search Traffic through Effective Content Marketing

Many businesses still overlook the benefits derived from content marketing.

The idea of representing the brand by providing articles containing useful guides or answering common questions that their audience is asking still falls on deaf ears.

But it shouldn’t.

For most websites, organic search traffic still makes up the majority of traffic received unless the site is purely an e-commerce one.

And even for e-commerce sites, articles that demonstrate knowledge plus a keen understanding of the customer requirements convinces visitors to trust them enough to make the first purchase.

If you’re feeling a little lost about how best to approach content marketing in your industry, then speak to Minneapolis SEO experts.

They can provide an independent assessment and decide on the right steps to take.

Teachable Moments into New Customers

Building up an audience on a different platform like YouTube doesn’t happen overnight, but it’s different from other opportunities.

The types of content and list of talking points are entirely different from other forms of marketing.

Similarly, audiences are looking for information presented in a different way where an article or infographic wouldn’t satisfy it.

Gaps in the Market for Physical Goods

For instance, what’s lacking on YouTube is useful reviews of physical products.

Too few presenters gain access to a range of products and give honest on-video reviews of them.

Let alone see them in action using the product to see why it’s recommended (or not). This is a wide-open field for companies willing to invest the time to do so.

Impartial Product Comparisons Are Persuasive

Even if just demonstrating the differences between their product and those of some competitors, it’s still illuminating to viewers.

Links back to the website with further information can deliver valuable new traffic that wouldn’t have come through search engines otherwise.

Engage with Reddit Users

Reddit is a modern-day forum that has ‘subreddits’ on thousands of topics.

While individuals use the platform to get advice, check information, and share experiences, far too few companies venture onto the service.

It’s a shame that companies don’t engage on Reddit more often because when they do, valuable insights are drawn.

Reddit itself can be a major driver of new visitors to their site.

Each subreddit has at least one moderator and rules for posting and replies, so companies must check how and where they can post to ensure they toe the line.

However, company representatives that provide useful responses are usually welcomed as it’s rarely done. In so doing, Reddit users see brands more like a collection of people and less as a faceless logo.


When willing to engage with different audiences across a variety of platforms, companies can find new customers, not just disinterested followers.

In so doing, they can widen their customer base without needing to significantly increase their marketing budget.

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