April 27, 2023

Blogging or Vlogging? Which is Best for Your Small Business Marketing Strategy?

Using a solid online marketing strategy, even for a small business, can be a sink-or-swim operation.

In 2023 there is no excuse for not maximizing this business funnel, and ideally, you'll have a purpose-built team on board to help you succeed in this field.

You should not approach this in a half-hearted manner, and you must avoid looking to do this in-house.

If this means outsourcing to a proven provider, so be it; the advantages of getting this right are manifold. Therefore, any financial outlay will be more than covered by the likely positive results.

Common online marketing strategies include vlogging and blogging, but what is the difference?

Blogging or Vlogging, What's the Difference?

Blogging or Vlogging? Which is Best for Your Small Business Marketing Strategy?: eAskme
Blogging or Vlogging? Which is Best for Your Small Business Marketing Strategy?: eAskme

Blogging, to some extent, is something of an antiquated online content form, but that doesn't mean it can't be immensely effective, just so long as you do it right.

Blogging is straight-up written content and can cover any topic or niche in its most successful form, especially from a business perspective; this content will be informative and interesting while also educating a reader, perhaps on the products and services you offer.

Vlogging, as the name might suggest to some of you, is a visual form of blogging, meaning that it could be a similar style of content to blogging but presented via a video.

This is most certainly the more forward-thinking style of content but will require a little more work, and potential associated costs will make it more expensive to put together.

For example, let's say your small business is looking to promote a new product or service, and a blog that may sit on your site will look to delve deeper into the positives of what you have to offer, perhaps expanding on its usage to draw in a possible customer.

A vlog can do the same job but in visual form.

This can be particularly relevant if your business is in a creative field, where the upsides of your offer will be far better relayed in a video format.

You can jazz up your video content without overly stretching your budget. Shooting a video can be effectively completed using a smartphone.

You can make your production more professional by investing in several relevant areas at little or no extra cost, such as free sound effects or free-to-use imagery.

You can double up your efforts and present both types within the same post. In other words, a blog that has an accompanying video.

The Advantage of Blogging for Your Business Strategy:

The benefits of running a blog on your company website are numerous; here are just a handful.

Improve Visibility and Reach On Search Engines:

If you want your company to have significant exposure on internet search engines, i.e., Google, then a constantly updating site helps greatly.

By publishing regular content, you are sending signals to Google.

If this content is valuable and relevant, you'll see an uptick in your rankings for specific relevant searches, mainly because, over time, Google will see you as a valuable source in your field.

Building Your Brand:

Having interesting blog content can help to drive traffic to your site.

If the blog includes a regular, relevant output that is engaging, then you are helping to build your brand, making you look more trustworthy and useful to prospective clients and customers.

Help With Social Media Presence:

If your company's site has the continuity of regular blog output, this can be a handy way to expand the reach of your social media channels.

If that content is genuinely informative, it will help the organic growth of your network pages, which drives traffic to your site.

Why Vlogging May Be a Better Option?

Going down the vlogging avenue has many upsides, such as the following.

Face to Face:

Using a video can help make your business feel more real and inviting.

Having an actual person speak to your audience will give your company a more personal touch.

That leads to a better connection with your potential client base.

Break Down Complex Subject Matter:

Perhaps your company is in what might be deemed 'dry' and seemingly unexciting, but using a vlog could help break things down into more manageable and easily understandable chunks.

Visual stimuli could help better illustrate what your company does and the benefits of its products and services, more so than just words on a webpage.

Easier to Reach a Larger Audience:

If someone reads an interesting blog, they may occasionally choose to share its benefits with others.

However, they are far more likely to do so when that content is in a video format.

There are many reasons for this, but the key one relates to the fact that the visual medium is far more effective at entertaining and informing the general public, especially if the vlog/video is well-produced and professional in appearance.

It Doesn't Have to be an Either/Or Situation:

It would be easy and accurate to draw up countless reasons why blogging and vlogging could be valuable for your small business. This isn't necessarily an either/or situation.

Ideally, your company should adopt a combination of efforts on this front.

Above all else, the key here is to produce content that is not necessarily solely promotional but also offers potential customers and viewers a reason to interact and engage with you, your products, and your services.

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