June 23, 2015

The Smartest WordPress Theme on the Planet is Divi 2.4

By Sonia
Just when we feel that Divi reached its perfect theme status. We find that Elegant Themes made another set of improved updates. Have you considered using Divi 2.4. Or do you use it? If so you will realize that the theme has a long awaited update. For the last few months Elegant Themes has been teasing with new updated improvements and features.
The Smartest WordPress Theme on the Planet is Divi 2.4 : eAskme
The Smartest WordPress Theme on the Planet is Divi 2.4 : eAskme
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Finally the time came to reveal the long awaited update that all have waited for. Divi 2.4. is now complete and ready to be used. Now we get an exclusive preview of all this update is promised to give.

Getting to to know the Upgraded Theme Customizer.

With the new update you will notice there has been a big upgrade. It may be seen as a robust theme with customizers. But don't let that make you wonder. Just take a peak at the new added additions to Divi 2.4.

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Using general theme settings.
When using the general settings section. You will discover the  typography and layout options.  You will also discover options for using website gutter widths, content for website width, Included is also the width for sidebar. You will also have the option to choose ad row heights. When using the typography section. You will see that you can change the text styles, also whether you prefer to use bold italic or underlined.

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Using footer section.
Now there is an extra new feature in footer section. With this extra feature you are allowed to choose your layout for footer background and also footer layout. You get the chance to customize widget header styles and body text styles. Also can customize credit text styles and links for social media with the new footer feature.

Phone and tablet styles.
Now we talking of something completely new in the theme customizer. You can choose what specific styles you want to use for tablets and phones. You get to choose the preferred section for row height, header background, header text size, header text color, body text size and much more.

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Using global button themes. 
You can never really get tired of using Divi 2.4. As you have such a variety of options to use when customizing. As you can choose your preferred text size, your preferred style and background. Your text size and styles. Using border styles. Button icon, icon placement and radius. The possibilities is endless for customizing. As an added bonus if you are experienced in using CSS. You will be able to use custom button styles by using custom CSS.

Using navigation options.
Another feature that is new with Divi 2.4. You will see there is new navigation options to explore. If you want to use these options you will find it enlightening. As it has very useful features such as centered in logo, transparent background color, fixed logo and header scroll, custom logo height Link styles that is intended for primary and secondary navigation.

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Then also there is background and the use of text color intended for drop down menus. If you want to, You can decide on a fixed value with navigation logo height, back ground color, text color and size.

Divi Library. 

Another feature that is brand new with Divi 2.4 is the library. But it is just an extension of the already existing layout. But for creating new sites this may be a game changer.

Wiht this feature you can save sections, rows, layouts and rows. It also allows you to edit rows, sections and modules while using library. Your new elements can be saved within page builder. Now you can also export and import elements from and to new sites.

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Layouts with Divi 2.4

With Divi 2.4 you can also have the option to make your library element global. When you use this feature you can integrate a row, section or module of your preferred element into any other layouts you prefer. Updating is easy as updating one global element will mean that all linked layouts will be updated as well.

Global elements of Divi 2.4

Builder feature.
Another big change with new Divi theme. Because if you already prefer the existing builder interface of the Divi 2.4 theme. You will fall in love with the new interface. With the new builder you will find that the builder is more intuitive and follows a material design.

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If direct control was your wish. With this builder you will find that wish was answered. You can control spacing of different elements. You can specify your preferred section padding. module padding. row padding, module margins, row column spacing and preferred width for the complete site or specific parts of the site.

Spacing for Divi 2.4

The new row options.

With Div 2.4's latest update comes a variety of new options for rows.  You will find that it will include columns structures. Choosing width, column spacing, Making rows full width. Using background image, color or even video for rows. You will find that you can also equalize column heights. Including you will be able to choose your custom padding.

Any new modules for 2.4?
Here we have some good news. As there is several new modules. naming one, use of full screen header module. As it is the most requested and best detailed module. This will be able to work with any browser window. There is 24 layouts to choose from.

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Full screen mode Module for Divi 2.4

When talking of the header layout. There is different elements to work with. Just naming some, title, logo, text content, subtitle, header image, background video, background image, background color overlay, CTA buttons, parallax background image. So the list goes on and on.

Then there is even more for example full width code module, full width image module, regular code module, regular post title and full width post title.

Post builder with Divi 2.4

This updated version of Divi 2.4 comes with a fully dedicated post builder. When using this feature you will be able to customize the way your posts look. There is some options include that you can show ir hide the page title, featured image and meta. Now you can also decide the full width of your sidebar layouts.

New advanced module options.
Not only focusing on the number of modules. But this update now focus lots more on giving the options to customize. Yes with this update you can set margin, text, color, padding. color buttons and styles.

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That is if you don't like the default settings. Then you can find custom CSS options will be useful for you. As you will be allowed to customize each module to your specific preference.

Fluid grid of Divi 2.4
With this update Elegant themes decided that to recode the complete structure of the grid will be best. Now you get the complete grid working to your benefit. You can choose custom content width, sidebar width, column spacing and many more things. This grid will be perfect for mobile, tablet and desktop devices.

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Whats your thoughts on this new update of Divi 2.4? 
No doubt Divi 2.4 has many features. Lots of improvements. Even though Elegant Themes could create a new theme. They chose to work on this theme and establish Divi as a brand of it's own. I think it is a situation of seeing something that works and making it even better. Just when we felt that it was already perfect. Elegant Themes proved to us that they can make it even better.

What is your opinion? Do you think the new features is an improvement? Feel free to give your response.