March 24, 2024

How to Get Your Blog Noticed in the Online World?

One of the most daunting things about starting a blog is whether anybody will read it. This is the case whether you're starting a personal blog or trying to use a blog to market your business.

So many people have blogs now that it can feel like you're entering a saturated market, but it is still very much possible to build up a following and get people to find your site when searching for something relevant.

How to Get Your Blog Noticed in the Online World: eAskme
How to Get Your Blog Noticed in the Online World: eAskme
You need to be good at marketing your site to new visitors and providing the kind of content they will want to stay for. Here I am sharing things that can improve your blog.

Great Content:

It goes without saying that if a blog has lousy content, people will leave it as soon as they find it.

However, good content is about more than just having well-written pieces on your site. Your content needs to be valuable and entertaining. Also, make it unique.

Copy content is a terrible practice. 
Google can identify sites. You may also run into legal problems.
Whether you write all of your content yourself or have third-party companies do this for you, make sure you're always coming up with ideas for content that your readers will find valuable.


In addition to ensuring that your content is exciting and unique, you should also look at how it will help Google identify when your site is a good one to send people to when they use specific search terms.
Part of search engine optimization relates to the keywords and tags you are using for your content, but it is also essential for your site to have links going out from it, coming into it, and between its pages.

Backlinks and even links out to the web from your site greatly impact search rankings, so you will need to consider this in your blogging strategy.
If you’re not up to date with the world of SEO, don’t panic. You can get your website builders/platform to take care of this.
An example can be seen through the website builders who automatically optimize the site for you. If you’re using something like WordPress, there are plenty of SEO plugins that you can install.

Social Media Integration:

Blogs perform best when people share the content they find on them. You need to include in your website design facilities that allow people to share quickly on all popular social networks.

A strong 
social media presence for your blog is a must. Social media can be your best friend when trying to win over new fans and spread the word about your site.


If you have some budget to promote your site, or you are using your blog for your business, it can be an excellent idea to have some paid advertising in place to promote your blog in a targeted way to the people you think will find it most interesting.

Facebook advertising can be very affordable and is a good choice for people new to marketing because it is straightforward to choose whom you want the adverts displayed and to create new campaigns.
Advertising is not essential, but it can certainly help your site ramp up in terms of following, and it can offer an excellent return on investment for business websites.


Growing a new blog can be challenging, but it can grow exponentially, so once you start seeing traffic and social media shares, you should find that your audience grows sharply
Use analytics tools to monitor traffic source so that you can assess which of your strategies are working best.

If you have any questions or suggestions, feel free to ask me via comments.

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