April 16, 2021

How to Get High-Quality Backlinks in 2024 – 7 New Strategies

One of the best ways for businesses to make it big today is to establish a strong online presence.

But that hardly comes easy, does it?

With the massive increase in the volume of online content, every genre sees stiff competition between websites, brands and businesses struggling to convert similar audience pools.

How to Get High-Quality Backlinks in 2024 – 7 New Strategies: eAskme
How to Get High-Quality Backlinks in 2024 – 7 New Strategies: eAskme

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Some of these niches specifically see a higher degree of cut-throat competition than the others.

This is what makes it crucial for brands to ensure that they are occupying top spots on search engine result pages.

Interestingly, 75% of internet users never even scroll beyond the first page of search results.

Now, there is a multitude of factors that determine high search rankings, one of the most crucial happen to be high-quality backlinks.

Link Building Directly Helps in Better Rankings:

Content creation alone cannot escalate your online presence, considering the stiff competition all around.

It is content marketing that can break the barriers of invisibility and enhance your game altogether.

As a business, you need to master the art of promoting your content across platforms and channels for people to see and develop interest.

A backlink helps you do just this.

The market however is replete with different opinions when it comes to using link building services.

Some think they are obsolete today and are perceived as spam within otherwise meaningful content.

However, this is not always true.

A few strategies done right can help you avoid these issues even as sites generate backlinks for you.

In this article, we have tried to compile 7 of the newest and most effective strategies for getting high-quality backlinks.

Keeping a Tab on Your Competitors:

If you thought competitors have only the bad stuff to offer to you, think again.

Your competitors can be the number one source for you to master the art of high-quality backlinking.

A competitor’s backlinks pursued through an appropriate search hub can help you replicate the best-performing ones and sufficient social proof.

This clever method not only grants you benefits in the Search Engine Optimization of your content but also helps you crack the code for future campaigns.

You might even learn eventually how to stay a step ahead of the very competitor you first pursued.

At the same time, this approach also gives you insights into where you are lagging, what needs to be changed and what you can do to improve. 

Broken Link Building:

Out of some of the lesser-known strategies which you can use to your benefit for getting high-quality backlinks is broken link-building.

All you do is pick a blogger of your choice – may be similar or related content to yours, or just someone with a good reader base.

Next, you browse for any broken links on their site, say 404 Errors.

You offer to build this broken link with your content, for the simple exchange of backlinking to your website or online content.

As crazy as this may sound, the opportunity rates are quite high.

More often than not, content creators shall agree to your offer, which is a win-win for both of you.

Using Infographics Judiciously:

One of the most important ways of generating high-quality backlinks is through infographics.

Out of the 200+ factors Google uses to rank websites based on its algorithm, a huge percentage revolves around content quality, value and uniqueness.

Infographics help you score high on this very front.

The investment is not very high, but the effort behind such an idea has to be.

You can hire a graphic designer or engage in such content creation directly using resources like Canva.

If your infographic scores high in terms of content value, it can take its place in popular infographic directories as well as score well on social media platforms.

These graphics can then automatically add as channels to the content you are linking them to, or to your website when used by others.

Resource Pages for Backlinks:

Google says the best way to generate more traffic on your site is by creating unique, high-quality content.

While this may seem like a nice but time-taking method, let us tell you about a new way of using content quality and value for generating backlinks.

Creating content that can act as resource pages for other websites is one of the best ways to ensure high-quality backlinks to your site.

Make sure your content is useful and has the potential of being cited/displayed by other sites or shared by readers.

If you are putting up useful or unique information, readers are sure to use it in more than one way, often starting with referring your content to others.

Research shows that companies that engaged in blogging receive 97% more backlinks than when they were not doing it.

Guest Blogs:

Guest blogs not just bring an element of newness for websites but also a powerful way of creating backlinks for businesses.

You can easily approach well-established or emerging promising platforms catering to content related to your products or services for a guest blog on their site.

Although this technique is time-tested, you can modify it into a new strategy by extending such content into photo, video and other forms of content.

Known as “Collabs” in the modern lingo, such guest posts favour both the guest and the host and are an absolute success.

Prepping up:

Even if your content is of great quality, it might not be shareable.

You need to prep your content and website in a way as to allow others to link back to it with ease.

This can be ensured by creating HTML-ready snippets beforehand, using tools to automatically create backlinks when others copy-paste your content on their site and so on.

The idea is to become shareable and promotable on your own by prepping content accordingly.

You can take the help of a suitable link building agency for the same.

Social Media Marketing:

One of the golden rules of high-quality backlink generation is to make the best use of social media.

To ensure that more people like and refer to your content, you need to make them see it first.

Therefore, investing a little more than regular time, energy and probably money goes a long way in content promotion and high-quality backlinks.

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