September 21, 2023

Google Ads Automatically Creating Ads Assets in 8 Languages

Generative AI powers Google Ads. Now, advertisers can use generative AI features, but Google also knows how to control them. Right now, Google Ads are automatically creating assets in 8 different languages.

Google has announced Google Ads asset conversation in languages other than English. It can help to expand the reach. Right now, Google is testing this feature in the USA and the UK.

Google Ads are getting AI power and creating your ad assets in 8 different languages automatically. The company is expecting a better conversational experience for targeted users. Google is testing how they can use AI to improve Google Ads performance.

With this feature, Google Ads are automatically creating assets to automate the ads.

Google Ads and Automatic Assets Creation:

Google Ads Automatically Creating Ads Assets in 8 Languages: eAskme
Google Ads Automatically Creating Ads Assets in 8 Languages: eAskme

Automatically created ad assets sound interesting at first.

Google ads are creating headlines and descriptions for pre-existing ads or landing pages.

Google wants to use AI to empower ads and improve effectiveness. The company is also giving liberty to the advertisers to add or remove any created asset from their ad campaigns.

Now Google Ads Assets creating is supporting the following 8 languages:

  1. English
  2. Spanish
  3. Dutch
  4. German
  5. French
  6. Portuguese
  7. Italian
  8. Japanese

How to Activate Automatically Created Assets in Google Ads?

You can easily activate automatic asset creating by visiting “Campaign Settings” or look for “Enable automatically created Assets” on Recommendations.

Google will use generative AI to match your automatically created ad assets with user search queries.

Google Ads Automatic Assets Creating Available in Beta:

Right now, generative AI ad creating is under testing. Google is testing this feature in the USA and UK to understand how LLMs can help create the conversational experience.

Google is creating a natural language conversational experience for advertisers to generate ad campaigns using generative AI features. You can create ad campaigns with images, headlines, and keywords.
This feature is under testing. Its beta version is being tested in the USA and UK for English advertisers only.

Google is collecting feedback to improve the Generative AI features in Google ads for advertisers.

Google and Generative AI:

Generative AI is becoming a part of every online business, such as Opera AI, Mozilla AI, Snapchat My AI, Meta, Microsoft, Photoshop, etc.

Google is also utilizing generative AI power to improve Google ads performance and revenue.

The company is interested in creating a conversational experience for advertisers. With this feature, advertisers can easily create and manage their ad campaigns.


Google is known for testing and improving technologies for advertisers and targeted users.

Google’s AI-powered tools will continue to grow and help advertisers improve ad targeting.

It will also help Google to increase ad revenue. With a streamlined ad creation process, more advertisers and more ads will become part of Google Ads.

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