February 19, 2015

How Every Businesses Can Succeed at Content Marketing

Content marketing is not only necessary for Big businesses but also has same importance for small businesses. It allow small business owners to take advantage of the distribution power and to create powerful campaigns that drive potential new customers and lots of traffic.

Internet has made sharing and creating content easier than ever. Small businesses can also effectively engage and communicate with their customers or followers.
How Every Businesses Can Succeed at Content Marketing : eAskme
How Every Businesses Can Succeed at Content Marketing : eAskme
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It is true that now anyone can start creating company blog and share content easily. But it is not good when you create content for “content’s sake”.

These are the days of competition and to survive relevant content is needed. Businesses must implement and develop robust content marketing strategy. It is most important to create and maintain message or your brand and there are many tools available online which make it easy for you to communicate and distribute your message to potential customers.

Social media is the best friend of small businesses. It give them opportunity to connect with millions of people online and attract potential customers. Small business share their story to the worldwide population. It is necessary that small businesses utilize modern content marketing techniques, which are actually helpful to connect individually and intimately with followers and build trust and relationship.
In today`s market relationships are build over night, relationships be fostered over time. Same way, content marketing is not just a one-time effort.

Have you ever asked a successful business owner about the key element to his long-term success? He will always say that it is his continuous connection with his audience. When you know to connect on emotional level, then you will start getting highest reward in marketing. You can`t achieve this by flooding Print or TV advertisements, but you gain it with good strategy which educate and entertain people about your product or service.

Successful content marketers has a long story of establishing continuous connection with his audience at the place and right time. When you engage with audience and they start trusting your information and this open the door to opportunities to communicate with them with an actual product or service to purchase. This help you to understand when they are in Buy Now mood.

This empowers your customer. Customers usually support a brand which they adore and which creating a feeling of individuality. Those customers feel special because there you have already educated them about the product.
Other than this there are many other short-term and immediate benefits of Content marketing.

Best Recommendation : Word-of-Mouth 

It is well known that the most word-of-mouth recommendations are the best influential factor for any business. 84% people trust word-of-mouth when they start using a brand. Here your content is work like word-of-mouth marketing. It is a successful content marketing campaign.

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Quality Lead Generation:

Content marketing has ability to convert 29% more organic traffic into sales leads which means that targeted content marketing always drive high potential customers. High potential customers are those who become repeat customers of your brand and also advocates your brand.

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Creating Smarter Consumers:

Technology is at your fingertips and so at your customers. This has changed consumer behavior. Half of the potential customers are coming from smartphone users group. This make customer to evaluate resources before making a purchase. Content marketing help you to create content for consumers and educate them. The more customers learn about business, the more likely they make purchase.

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Establishes Authority:

Establishing authority is one of the best way to earn trust of potential buyers and help you become  expert and brand leader in your business. Quality and useful content created by you attract visitors and tell them that they should take it seriously. This may take some time but in long run it will benefit content marketing strategy.

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Persuade Customer`s Decision Making:

Content marketing strategy not really selling a service or product. It is providing an engaging source which gives consumers information. 80% of business decision makers get information through articles. 60% of decision makers say that content marketing help them make better purchasing decisions.

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Content Marketing Assists in Native Advertising:

Seeded content has better reach to consumers. You can utilize paid advertising products for native advertising. Native advertising is establishing itself and a trending topic. Native advertising is content that is shared in a newsfeed on a social media. Noone like looking at ads but everyone prefer to know what is new and like engage. Native advertising should be educational, engaging, inspiring and authentic.

Strong ROI

Content marketing is a long-term strategy so the investment should be relevant. You should write evergreen content and pillar articles, which can be shared so many times. Content marketing produces three times more sale leads than Search Engine marketing. After publishing article focus on sharing and increasing it`s social media presence.

The Social Media Effect:

Core social media is a tool of content marketing strategy. When creating content marketing materials, you should enable social sharing buttons for others to share what they like. You should focus on behavior of social media when creating a blog or website or content. It also bring you more word of mouth.


The content you are creating should be entertaining, helpful and informative for your audience. First you need to establish a connection between audience and your brand. Start helping customers. This strategy is known as ‘Youtility’. This build trust between consumer and your brand. Consistently support with valuable content is basic step to establish a rapport.

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Being at the Right Place at the Right Time:

To have better chance to connect with people, you should produce and share timely content on regularly. The main purpose of content marketing is to establish connection and build a community. For example when You see Apple is going to launch a new iPhone that is the right to to create and share content about that new iPhone.

How Content Marketing and SEO Work Together: 

I have created this guide to help you understand more about content marketing, it`s successful practices and why you need good content which is vital to search ranking.

If anyone say that content marketing and SEO are competitors, that means that have to look for the truth. Both SEO and content marketing are important factors of overall online marketing strategy.

SEO and Content marketing are linked. you should remember that Google`s target is to help users find exactly what they need. Google like great content which add value to their users.

You should focus on consistently creating amazing content as it helps your site rank well in search engines. Websites or businesses want to improve search rankings and for that they have to create and share content which add value to it`s users.

Top 10 Essential Tips About Content Marketing

Before launching your first content marketing campaign you should consider following:

  •     Don’t compromise quality for quantity
  •     Only share quality content
  •     Engage with your audience
  •     Keep the sales pitches out of information
  •     Showcase your personality
  •     Document your research
  •     Write compelling content which engage readers
  •     Know you stuff
  •     Avoid plagiarism
  •     Never keyword stuff your articles
  •     Target audience and their needs

I believe this guide help you better understand and plan your content marketing strategy. If you have any question, feel free to ask me.

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