March 29, 2024

Top 9 Best SEO Habits and How to Develop Them?

There are multiple benefits to developing the best SEO habits when I say best that means the habits that give you maximum organic returns regarding traffic and good ranking. Good SEO habits will also help you to improve SEO strategies and attract more clients.

I have already shared a lot about SEO and blogging. But, there is always more to learn.

Today I am going to share the 9 Best SEO Habits you should develop. I will also share how you can develop these SEO habits.

Top 9 Best SEO Habits & How to Develop Them:

Top 9 Best SEO Habits & How to Develop Them: eAskme

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When doing SEO for a website or for your blog, your SEO habits can fall in different categories such as the black hat, green hat, grey hat, and white hat.

In this article, I will be talking about only white Hat or natural SEO habits to walk safely from Google penalty.

Dig for Gold:

When you are searching for Gold, you need to dig deeper.

Same works in the world of SEO.

When it comes to building a perfect SEO strategy, you cannot stick with readily available content.

You need to spend a lot of time to do research, use available tools such as;
You also spend time looking for long tail keywords with low competition but better search volume. When doing the research, you should focus on the niche of your blog and do not lose the track.

Always focus on why people are visiting your blog or what people love to read on your blog?

You can also use content scoring strategy to find out which type of posts will work better for you.

Spend time on learning what SERP tells you about SEO, and you will have everything under control.

Write down all the points or data you have gathered with your research and filter out the nonsense.
Remember: Never write meaningless posts.

Eagle Eye:

There is a concept that I call Eagle eye. It takes time to develop eagle eye concept for SEO.

What is Eagle eye concept for SEO?

Eagle Eye concept of Gaurav Kumar tells that you should keep a sharp eye on everything that is happening not on your blog but also the sites of competitors.

Spend more time on Google analytics, Google search console, keyword research, competition research, understanding buyers’ personas, and marketing trends.

This works differently than 80:20 rule.

Eagle Eye rule talks about 40:20:40. (40% time on research, 20% on development, 40% on promotion)


You need to gather data, measure the productivity of the collected data, create custom sheet according to your niche, find out which posts are performing and which are struggling to find the place in the competition.

When you measure your competition and data, you will quickly find out what type of strategy you should follow to stand out and gain authority.

Learning is a Good Habit:

You may think that learning is just about reading posts or books, but it is not.

Learning is an Art.

A valid learner or professional blogger knows the more he learns, the more he earned.

When you read a post, you should not just read it for the sake of commenting but focus on what writer want to deliver with his post, how he is providing the idea and what else he does outside the box to promote his idea.

There was a time when you buy Kindle device to read ebooks, but now kindle reader is available.
You should also learn to use the technology to grow your blogging business.

You should learn the latest technology trends, use of available SEO tools, way to engage with influencers and way to appreciate others.

I spend time learning not just from professional bloggers but also from newbies.

This helps me keep my mind wide open for new ideas.

Upside down, round and round:

I am not talking about walking under a limited circle.

I am here talking about creating a circle where you can quickly move upside-down, round and round. You should not only learn from old ideas but also learn about everything you hear in the possible world such as digital marketing, Artificial intelligence, Chatbots, voice, etc.

Care about your visitors and clients.

Start a business with specific goals and work to achieve success.

When you create a post, look upside down to check the readability. Go round and round to find if your old posts are matching the latest standards of SEO or not. If not, then change, edit or delete them.

Also track rankings, traffic, leads, ROI and revenue of your business.

Play for Long Term:

Planning and playing for long-term is the habit of a Good SEO. A professional SEO expert knows that it takes time to get desired results from SEO. This means that one should work for long term.
Once you rank for a keyword, do not stop working for that keyword.

Keep promoting and boost the engagement of that post always to keep it on the first position.

When creating content or doing SEO focus on authority and relevance. Add small updates to the content when necessary and let the Google know when you have updated the content.

First, think about the goal and then plan about keywords, tags, links, etc.

Technical SEO:

Technical SEO helps you to boost your SEO ranking even for highly competitive keywords. Always try to learn the technical part of SEO.

Focus on mastering every aspect of productive SEO.

Don’t play alone:

No matter you are a blogger, designer, coder, writer or SEO professional, you cannot play alone for a long time.

There is a saying, “want to grow faster play alone, want to grow bigger play with the team.

Add multiple creative minds in your business to grow it’s potential.

You can hire people like bloggers, sales representatives, stock handlers, etc. It depends upon your business that how many people you need in your business.

When hiring people for your business always remember that you should always have control of your business.

Utilize Online Marketing:

A good SEO understand the importance of marketing.

Investing time and money on marketing is one of the best SEO habits.

Don’t just rely on paid advertisement. Also focus on ranking for keywords, PR and developing a brand image.

Also, use traditional marketing methods such as print media, etc.


Keeping the balance between all the necessary jobs is the essential SEO habit for you.

When doing SEO, you will understand that you cannot be the expiry of everything and cannot do everything at the same time.

You need to focus on various aspects of SEO.

You should develop the habit to create a balance between various SEO tasks.

A good SEO habit is to create SEO optimized content which is link worthy and follow the rules of Google algorithm updates.

Final Words:

Your SEO habits decide the future of your business. I have shared the best SEO habits to help you to improve results. Focus on all the significant aspect of SEO. Create a balance between SEo and internet marketing efforts.

When you work with quality, keep balance and produce relevant content then no one can stop you from growing your business.

Remember: Only you are responsible for your actions.

If you still have any question, feel free to ask me via comments.

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