March 15, 2024

Content Experiences are the New Content Marketing: Why, How, When and Where [Explained Everything]

What Are Content Experiences? How and Why Content experiences are the new way of Content Marketing? How to make your website stand out with Content Experiences? Do you understand the power of creating remarkable content experiences? And, How to use impactful content experiences to powerup your content marketing?

These are a few of the questions that skilled SEO professionals are discussing these days.

Content Experiences are the New Content Marketing: Why, How, When and Where [Explained Everything]
Content Experiences are the New Content Marketing: Why, How, When and Where [Explained Everything]

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There are times when even the expert SEO marketer gets stuck with content marketing strategies.

Even if you are creating more content to keep content velocity, you are still not getting enough results, traffic, and conversion.

Ahrefs data study shows that 96.55% of pages in Ahrefs pages get zero organic traffic, and 3.45% get up to 10 visits monthly.

Ahrefs Traffic Study 2017 – Ahrefs: eAskme

The situation gets worse when you start feeling content production as exhausted and unattractive practice.

I understand your situation.

Today, I am sharing about content experience concept for content marketing. It is the combination of user experience and content marketing. The job of content experience is to leverage, structure and package content in the best way.

The focus of the content experience is more on upgrading old content or refreshing it with new methods.

It is also about creating meaningful content.

I am explaining the innovative ways to produce content.

SEO experts feel a bit boring in content production, but it doesn't mean that you start ignoring the importance of creating valuable content experiences to increase brand value.

Meaningful content is the need for an audience, search engines, and clients.

2023 had enough of websites filled with all sort of content and Zoom calls.

2024 will be the year full of opportunities to create experiences with better user interface and content creation.

What are the Content Experiences?

Content Experience is the Future!

Content experience is the combination of 3 factors;

  • Environment
  • Structure
  • And User Engagement

To master the Content Experience strategy, you need to focus on the following things;

  • Create the environment for the audience where they can easily digest your content.
  • Improve discoverability of your content with the help of improved content structure.
  • Give reasons to your audience to engage with your content to direct them on the path of making a purchase decision.

Content Experiences Spark Creativity:

Creativity and experience go together. Without creating creative content pieces, you cannot expect to provide fantastic content experience.

And, here is how you can improve your content experience strategy.

Content Pyramid:

Pyramid content is widely used in Newspapers and summaries. Such content drives attention and improve focus.

The Content Pyramid Principle focuses on:

  • Be the first to answer.
  • Publish supporting arguments, mentions and quotes.
  • Add logic to support your content ideas.

If you read any journalist, you will know they publish the essential information in heading and H1.

Do not burn the critical information with the piles of explanations or lengthy introductions.

Avoid keyword stuffing, jargons, and misleading text.

Understand that not every topic needs thousands of words of explanation.

For example; Online stopwatch is the excellent example of phenomenal content experience without long content.

Content pyramids help you keep visitors engaged with your website and make them find your site valuable.

Use Resource Libraries with search intent:

Apply Content Pyramids on the entire website and blog.

Rethink blog categories to structure them with resource libraries.

Cluster your content by funnel, type or topic.

The blog categories on the page display information related to, baby care, nutrition and sleep patterns.

This makes it easy for visitors to consume information.

Grow the eMail list and encourage engagement:

A baby website talks about baby care, such as baby products.

Replace the eCommerce-first approach with the content-first approach.

Still, you can land them to the shop to find relevant products to make the final purchase.

A calculator can boost engagement as every user calculates the value or requirement of the products before making the purchase.

Coschedule is another way to increase leads and boost engagement.

You can consider reading Garrett Moon's book "10x writing Formula." This will help you to understand how to use blog posts as a lead magnet. You can find planners and content calendars with headline tips.

He used Content Pyramid strategy to convert visitors into email subscribers.

Fix Dead Pages:

Use internal content distribution strategy to fix dead pages.

Your content should support:

  • Invoices
  • Sales Team
  • Support Team

Invoices can also be used as a method to educate others about your products or services.

You should add top-ranked or relevant pages of your blog or website in invoice emails.


Be creative to stand out from the crowd with content experiences.

Understand content experiences as the powerful habit to influence your visitors, convert them into email leads and influence their buying decision.

Content experiences not only save you from writing meaninglessly lengthy pieces of content but also make your brand shine.

You can build trust only by providing the point or step-by-step solution without adding nuisance to your content.

Content experience is a practical approach for content creators, marketers and SEO experts to get maximum out of their efforts.

Do share you questions, suggestions and anything you want me to know in comments.

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