January 22, 2019

10 Things that Blogging Teaches You to Skyrocket Your Business (11th is a Surprise for you)

I have said many times, "blogging is the best online business." But Why I say this? Not just because I make a lot of money with my blogging efforts but because blogging has changed my life for good.

For professional money may be everything but for an entrepreneur, money is just the way to grow and achieve more than just money.

When I say that blogging has changed my life, it means that it has made my life meaningful.

Blogging is the most beautiful thing that has happened to me and many others like me.

Today I am going to share how blogging has made my life beautiful.

It means I am going to share the ten things that blogging has taught me and the same things that blogging teaches you.

10 Things that Blogging Teaches You (11 is a Surprise for you): eAskme
10 Things that Blogging Teaches You (11 is a Surprise for you): eAskme

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But for this, you have to make one promise with me.

Don't worry;
I am not asking your kidneys!

Just promise me that you will be passionate about blogging.

I believe you can do this.

10 Things that Blogging Teaches You

So let's get back to the topic and uncover the ten things that blogging teaches you.

1) Writing:

Writing: 10 Things that Blogging Teaches You (11 is a Surprise for you): eAskme

The blogging teaches you to become a better writer.

Most of the people think that blogging is just about writing blogs.

I am not against what they are saying, but that is not the complete truth.

Blogging is way more than just writing.

Even if you believe that it is about writing then I say that;
Blogging is about becoming a better an influential writer.

You can not become famous overnight.

You have to work hard, learn from others, fix your writing errors, and develop narrative writing skills to become a better writer.

You can also use proofreading tools to improve your writing.

But, still, it is not just about writing.

Let's see what more blogging teaches you.

2) Reading/Learning:

Reading: 10 Things that Blogging Teaches You (11 is a Surprise for you): eAskme

Now, this is what most people find funny.

But, if you are a blogger or I can say an A-list blogger then you understand the importance of reading in the blogging business.

Remember: "The more you learn, the more you earn." How? I will explain this later.

But for now, I tell you that the more you learn, the more knowledge you gain.

More knowledge about your niche or topic will help you write better articles. This way learning helps you to become a better writer.

Learning also helps you to grow from a school student to a scholar.

When you learn the blogs of established people, publications, magazines and everything which is related to your niche, these things enrich your knowledge.

And you will have more ideas to write and influence the people.

Blogging also helps you become a better reader.

A better reader not only read the words but learn the way words are formatted and placed in the content.

Blogging gives you the ability to understand the difference between compelling and meaningless content.

3) Improve Grammar:

Improve Grammar: 10 Things that Blogging Teaches You (11 is a Surprise for you): eAskme

90% of the blogs in this world who are not native English speaker must admit that they make grammatical mistakes when writing content such as blog posts, resume, letters, etc.

Some people may blame you for grammatical errors, but I never blame you.

Because I know that the language you speak is always the most beautiful language for you.

But at the same time, we all have the right to improve.

If you want to improve your English, then you should start a blog.

In the beginning, you can use tools like Grammarly to improve English and grammar mistakes.

This is the easiest way to improve your English grammar without letting anyone else noticing it.

And if you think you cannot improve your English than think again or think about me.

"I study in a school where the Hindi Language was everything. I was a brilliant student, but my English was not that good as compared to convent schools. I tried everything but always had a hard time with grammar.

By my story changed when I started blogging. I started learning how others are writing. What tenses they are using. I also started using Grammarly to improve my English, and now it is much better than my past."

Moral of my story is: "If I can improve my English then you also can."

Now let's talk about the growth part of blogging business and find out what blogging teaches a full-time blogger.

4) Optimization:

Optimization: 10 Things that Blogging Teaches You (11 is a Surprise for you): eAskme

Optimization is the key to grow your business online.

Blogging pushes you to learn SEO so that you can focus on
Optimization is necessary to attract the visitors, influence them to become subscribers and motivate them to visit again and again.

Remember: No-one wants to visit a site that looks broken or messy.

We all like a website or blog which is easy to navigate, clean in design, load faster, have eye-catching titles, punchlines, engaging content, etc.

When you fall in love with blogging, you will start learning every single step to optimize your site or blog.

This not only helps your blog but also help you find many clients who will hire you to do the optimization job.

This means you have more work and money.

An optimized site tells the visitor that you are serious about your business and also serious about user experience.

Blogging is all about caring for others, and an optimized blog is the first step.

5) Monetization:

Monetize: 10 Things that Blogging Teaches You (11 is a Surprise for you): eAskme

Blogging teaches you something that most of the world does not understand.

We all work for money.

Blogging teaches you the way to monetize your skills or your blog content.

You can monetize your blog in various methods such as;
These are the just a few examples of how you can monetize your blog.

This is not all.

Blogging gives you the skill to make more money by selling your skills.

You can become ghostwriter, content writer or ebook writer and get paid to write for others.

Blogging gives you a business which you can run on full time.

The more you expand your business, the more money you can earn.

6) Use of latest technologies:

Technologies: 10 Things that Blogging Teaches You (11 is a Surprise for you): eAskme

This is also something that most of the world does not understand.

To become a better blogger, you need to learn the use of latest technologies such as;
These are many other technologies are there that only bloggers, marketers, and webmasters can understand.

For ordinary people, these are alien words.

This gives you confidence and feeling of positive superiority.

Using the latest technologies help your business and also establish you as a pro blogger.

7) Build Connections:

Build connections: 10 Things that Blogging Teaches You (11 is a Surprise for you): eAskme

Blogging teaches you to be social.

Now you may be thinking, "How can I be social when I am too shy."

This is the beauty of the blogging that even shy people can build connections with the influencers.

The first thing is that you need not to go in front of the person to build connections or get social.

You can do it with your writing, social sharing, on social networks or even through emails.

This means you can connect with even the industry leaders with your influential writings.

But this will take time, so you need to have patience.

You never know that someday some celebrity is begging you to write about him/her.

Do you think I am joking?

No, I am not. I am serious about what I am saying.
Perezhilton.com is the perfect example of this. The guy was no one but his blog PerezHilton has made celebrities freak out. Some celebrities want him to write more and want to pay him from stop paparizing about them.

This is the power of blogging.

It turns you from nothing to something.

8) Freedom and more:

Freedom: 10 Things that Blogging Teaches You (11 is a Surprise for you): eAskme

Freedom is what we want.

This is what George Washington has fought for, and this is also the goal of Mahatama Gandhi and many others.

We proudly say that we have freedom, but when it comes to work and money, we work days and nights like slaves to fulfill our dreams.


Is this freedom?

I must say, this is not complete freedom.

Complete freedom only comes to those who strive to launch new ideas and be creative enough to influence others.

This is what blogging offer you.

Blogging gives you a chance to be unique, be bold, be influential and be productive.

When you become a full-time blogger you earn two types of freedom at the same time;
There is one more freedom that every single person in this world wants, and that is "Money Freedom."

When I say money freedom, it means you are the only owner of your money. No one can take it back from you. You earn as much as you want by working with skills.

Not just that but blogging also bring name and fame. As your blog become famous, you also become popular. You grow your presence with your blog.

When you have all these, then you can live the ultimate premium lifestyle.

9) Gratitude:

Gratitude: 10 Things that Blogging Teaches You (11 is a Surprise for you): eAskme
In today's world, people are so busy running after money and trying to show off that they forget the beauty of humanity.

Blogging teaches you the blessing of this world, and that is gratitude.

Gratitude is the quality of being thankful, to show appreciation and to return the kindness.

Gratitude is the most beautiful thing I have ever discovered in the blogging business.

You may have seen that when you thank someone from your heart ta that moment, you have an immense amount of satisfaction and happiness.

People have lost this art of happiness due to commodity living.

Blogging teaches you, or I can say is that the more you give, the more you receive.

You may have seen me featuring many bloggers such as Ryan biddulph, Donna Merrill, Lisa sicard, Janice Wald, Lorraine, Mike Alton,  and many others  and you may be thinking why I do this?

I do this just because they find me helpful and they did something for me that make me thankful or who are helping each other.

Remember: Other business teaches you cut-throat competition, blogging business teaches you the art of living.

10) Understanding others:

Understand: 10 Things that Blogging Teaches You (11 is a Surprise for you): eAskme

Blogging teaches you the way to understand others and their psychology.

To become a better blogger, you need to understand the reader's interest, buyer personas and clients requirements.

The knowledge you gain during your blogging journey will help you quickly target the potential subscribers and buyers.

This makes you more influential.

Now, It is the time to surprise you.

11) About me:

10 Things that Blogging Teaches You (11 is a Surprise for you): eAskme

Are you surprised!

There is no doubt that if you are my blog or reading my blog, that means blogging teaches you about me also.

You find out more about me here.

Not just about me but blogging also teaches you to learn about yourself. The more you understand yourself, the more focus you can put on your blogging business.

Final Words/Conclusion/Takeaway:

These are the few most beautiful things that blogging teaches you. To get maximum out of your blogging efforts, you must learn blogging online. This will help you understand the online world and how you can handle your blog in competition.

Note: No matter what you learn from blogging, never forget to learn the Gratitude.

What you want to learn from blogging? What blogging teaches you?

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