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13 Crucial Elements of Incredible Blog Posts! [Do You Want More?]

Give your blog post the power it needs. Add these 13 important elements to your blog post to make it effective.

The blog is an essential part of marketing for business websites.

13 Crucial Elements of Incredible Blog Posts: eAskme
13 Crucial Elements of Incredible Blog Posts: eAskme

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According to OrbitMedia, every fifth blogger gets 22% better marketing results with the help of blogging.

In the past couple of years, the result percentage has kept declining.

  • Why is it happening?
  • Why are blogs getting failed when it comes to driving results?

The most common reason is that bloggers still believe in outdated strategies such as:

  • Focus on users; ignore Google.
  • Google only ranks high-quality content.
  • Search intent is everything.

You will sum up everything with "high-quality content."

But what is that?

Is it high enough that you cannot meet the required quality?

Here is what you need.

Follow these 13 crucial elements of remarkable blog post writing.

Compelling Blog Post Topic:

Understand what your audience wants.

If you don't, it is the right time to visit the best places like Google Analytics and check which blog posts support your business.

Find out the need and questions of your potential customers.

Check the pages to find out what your audience is looking for on your website.

Ask questions, run polls, and get reviews from your audience on social networks to understand what is important to them.

This way, you can find many more content topics than you can imagine.

SEO-friendly Blog Post URL:

Is your URL according to Google's URL Structure guidelines?

No one likes to read numbers, hyphens, and repeated words in URLs. Using date or year in your URL is also not the best idea.

It is best to change your date-specific URLs to URLs without dates.

Author of the blog post:

It is effective to display the author of the blog post.

Always display the author's name with the photo at the end of the blog post. Also, allow some description to introduce the author to your visitors.

It will help build trust, and your audience will know that they are reading from a real person.

This strategy will also boost your social media share on popular social networks.

Create a table of content:

Table of content help your audience know what you have shared in the blog post.

It also makes it easier for your audience to navigate to a certain point or sub-topic quickly.

Use an anchor tag to link your content with the table of contents.

Search engines also like the table of content strategy as it improves user experience on your website.

Optimize Headlines:

Attractive headlines will boost user engagement with your posts.

You will have more page views and social shares.

Google has also shared best practices to write headings.

Without compelling headlines, your post will lose a massive number of traffic and search visibility.

Use headline optimizer to write catchy headlines that make readers open the post.

Write Compelling Introduction:

Open the first paragraph with an introduction to the topic.

As catchy headlines make users open your post, compelling introductions will bind them to read your content.

It is important to say what you are offering in your post.

Don't just give your readers everything. But give them enough hints to make them go through your complete post.

Work on Sub-headings:

Bloggers usually forget to work on sub-headings.

Understand that heading and subheadings make your content structures beautiful.

It is easy for the human eye to scan the structured content.

Use keywords in sub-healing to help search engines find out what you have said in that section.

But do it logically.

You should follow the title tags system such as H1 for heading, H2 for sub-heading, H3 for the next important point under the subheading, etc.

Most of the time, you will not need to touch the H3.


The Internet is filled with advice from experts or pros who claim that 4000-word content works better than a 1000 words post.

Length never matters.

The length of your content depends on the topic, style, and target audience.

A blog post is good to that length where readers are not getting bored or annoyed.

Creative Visuals:

Creative visuals attract readers and make them spend more time with your content.

You cannot expect a reader to spend 60k more time on every image.

But you must use creative images, graphs, charts, etc., to engage users with your content.


Ending your post is as important as starting to write one.

It is possible that by the time your reader meets the end of your post, he has forgotten most of the important points.

To make your conclusion effective, you must summarize the blog post with some points.
Also, add some CTA to your blog post.


Links are important. Linking make it easy for readers to navigate.

Link to pages that are highly useful for your audience.

Internal links are important, and you should learn the art of internal linking for maximum benefit.
Use external links when necessary.

Schema Markup:

Schema Markup is part of technical SEO.

With the help of Schema Markup, search engines identify your content type.

You should use different Schema Markups for News, blog posts, and articles.

If your blog is on WordPress, then you can also use Schema Markup plugins for WordPress.

Also, add, Breadcrumbs, Navigation, FAQs, etc.


Once you feed everything to your reader, it is time when your reader is about to leave your site.

This is where you should add suggested articles and keep your readers on your site for a long time.


These 13 crucial factors will help make your blog post super engaging and effective.

If you follow the above tips, then it will also reduce your bounce rate and improve your time on site.

Your blog should also use a clean design, easy navigation, and a responsive and fast-loading theme.

To learn more about making your blog post effective, you should read more in the Blogging and Writing Tips section at eAskme.

If you still have any question, feel free to ask me via comments.

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Expert Blogging Tips to Boost Your Content for Better Ranking and Traffic

More than a million blogs are running worldwide. Most of them are struggling for better ranking and high traffic.

If you are also one of those, then it is time for you to learn your way to success in the blogging business.

Orbitmedia has surveyed more than 1000 bloggers worldwide and published the blogging stats and trends survey.

Blogging Tips to Boost Your Content for Better Ranking and Traffic: eAskme
Blogging Tips to Boost Your Content for Better Ranking and Traffic: eAskme

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The survey has answered these questions;
These are some of the most common questions that every blogger ask me also.

But going through the survey report where you find 5000+ words content and have to go through graphs and images is entirely time consuming.

You have to note down everything to read the survey report multiple times to understand everything.

So I am making things easy for you.

Today, I am sharing some of the biggest takeaways that you should learn from the survey done on 1000+ bloggers to improve your content performance.

Invest more time on each blog post:

Invest more time on each blog post: Blogging Tips to Boost Your Content for Better Ranking and Traffic: eAskme

The average blog post takes 3 hours and 57 minutes to write, and then you also have to deal with relevant visuals for your blog.

It is not easy for a newbie or someone who is not expert in the field of blogging or the respective niche.

If you are spending less than 4 hours on a post, then there are high chances that you are not following the eagle eye concept and ignoring the importance of in-depth research.

If you are doing extensive research on the topic, then you cannot compile all the essential information in less than 2000 words.

Some of the best examples are here for you;

I had to invest a minimum of 5 hours in writing each of these articles.

The most common issue when wiring a new blog post is that you may just Google the keyword, find the top-ranking posts, read the content and write your copy of 10 or more tips on that topic.

This is not good enough.

You may call it new, but for your readers, they already have consumed similar information.

Do you know that the most famous content takes months or even year to get published?

If you think you can do it within just 4 hours, then it’s a challenge for you, and I want you to show me the result and process.

It never works because it never worked even for the biggest brands.

Content is essential, but you also need to keep it relevant to the user because the audience is the most important.

The more thorough your content is the more chances you have to cover every related topic or issues in your post.

Make sure that you should do it.

Add all the necessary information in the article that can help your audiences, such as tips, case studies, tutorials, suggestions, reviews, and value.

Tip: Spend at least 1-5 hours to learn everything about the topic and create the content that gives every possible solution in one go.

Do you know that the bloggers who are investing more than 6 hours of their time in writing a complete article are getting 38% better results as compared to others who are not following this strategy?

When I am saying invest more time, you should invest only on your blog, not on social media. Stay away from distractions.

Editing & Proofreading:

Have you ever read the content before hitting the publish button.

How many times do you read your content before publishing it?

No matter how long you write or how much time you spend on writing, if you need proofreading it, then you will be publishing the content with a lot of mistakes which include grammatical errors, punctuation errors, typos, etc.

As an A-list blogger, it is your job to ensure that your content will trigger the emotions of your readers.

You should write flawlessly in the style that will deliver your message and place it in the reader's mind.

Editing is essential, and you can do it with the help of an expert proofreader.

For example; If you have written a 3000 words content, then it is also essential to read it five times to check grammatical errors or readability errors. You can use a readability check to get the readability score.

There are more than 41% of bloggers who edit their won content. So if you are also doing the same, then you are not alone in the industry.

28% of bloggers show their content to others for suggestions and error checks.

22% of writers hire editors.

Bloggers who powerup their blogging business with a proofreader or editor see 38% better results.

Sloppy words and grammar errors can damage the reputation of your business. This will also drop the promotional results.

42% of readers accepted that spelling errors bring negative impact on brand status.

It is not enough to display the content to your friend.

A full-time professional editor who is dedicated to content perfection work is what you need.

Use Upwork or Fiverr to hire excellent editors.

Editing & Proofreading: Blogging Tips to Boost Your Content for Better Ranking and Traffic: eAskme

Take the help of online writing tools such as Grammarly.

Grammarly: Blogging Tips to Boost Your Content for Better Ranking and Traffic: eAskme

On Grammarly, you can check grammar, plagiarism, punctuation, spelling, clarity, vocabulary, conciseness, variety, formality, and fluency.

Set Goals:Blogging Tips to Boost Your Content for Better Ranking and Traffic: eAskme

Grammarly also allows you to set the goals based on your style, emotion and intent.

You can also use eAskme wordcounter and readability checker tool.

This is the basic editing that you must do for each blog post.

After doing this, your content is ready for an editor’s view.

If you are not able to find an editor online, then you can hire human proofreading services of Grammarly.

Grammarly tool: Blogging Tips to Boost Your Content for Better Ranking and Traffic: eAskme

No matter which tool you use or how you do, it is vital to get editing done in the best way.

Your audience will surely love your content.

Alive Old Content:

It takes time to write high-quality pillar articles.

It takes days, weeks or months to create an engaging post or case study with creative visuals.

You may have already written a lot of posts with high quality.

But, with time, many of these posts lost value.

I know you may have written evergreen content, but the content stays evergreen if you update it whenever it is necessary.

Maybe the post you are publishing today will be outdated in coming days or weeks.

Hitting the publish button will not guarantee that your content stays relevant.

33% of the marketers are not willing to update the old content.

Even I fall in this pit sometimes.

Remember: Updating old content will bring 2times better results.

Repurposing and updating old content will make it valuable for the existing and new readers.

Updating also help your old posts to stay relevant and compete with the fresh content.

To understand it in a better way; Find an old post which brought traffic surge to your blog. After some time you will see that the traffic curve has flattened.

It is the time when you should think of updating your old content to meet the audience expectations.

Gog to Google and find the posts ranking better than your blog post.

Blogging Tips to Boost Your Content for Better Ranking and Traffic: eAskme
  • Are the posts answering all the related questions?

  • Do they have in-depth articles and visuals?

  • Is the information on such blogs relevant?

  • Now ask yourself what are the things they are doing, but you are not?
Fix, republish and reclaim your position in SERP results.

Find your way to backlinks:

Infographics have been used as link bait content.

But if your infographic is massive on the text side, then it will lose the impact.

In 2015, Hootsuite published a report about the decline of infographics.

Fastcompany study also proves that infographics have lost the impact and value.

So, what should you earn backlinks?

Original case study or research is what will take you ahead of your competitors.

Original research is what you need to earn more than a thousand backlinks in a short period.

Original research will have;

  • Keywords

  • Traffic

  • Links

  • Success

Because research is essential to clear your point.

You need to publish data and resources that will uphold the value of your content.

85% of bloggers who are publishing original research get better results.

If you also want to get noticed in the world of blogging, then you should invest in original research.

It will inevitably cost you more than your expectation, but it will also bring the results better than your expectations.


Unconventional is what you need to stand out.

There are already thousands of bloggers running millions of blogs on every single topic.

Competition is high, and your blog will not make an impact without creating a unique presence.

If you lack the uniqueness, then you are wasting your time.

You are living in the brutal world of blogging and marketing.

Even for the low traffic keyword, you will find the big brand are holding top positions.

SEMrush, Niel Patel, MOz, etc. are holding the top positions for even the low ranking keywords in the marketing world.

You cannot outrank those with 2000 words content.

You will need more than what others are doing.

Here I am listing a few things that you should be doing to rank better and compete with big brands;

2000+ words content:

It is ideal for writing content that covers all the important related topics. But, make sure it is not dull. Find issues where you can add real value to your reader's experience.

Connect with Influencers:

Only 1% of bloggers connect with real-time influencers.

It is essential to reach out to influencers in your niche and make them share your content and earn backlinks.

Videos and Audios:

Start adding podcasts and videos to your content. If you do this, then your content will become better than 74% of bloggers who are not doing it.

You can also hire voice talent from Fiverr or upwork.

These are the different strategies that 1000+ bloggers are following.

And, they all are ranking higher.

Because they are doing, what most of the bloggers are ignoring.

If you want better content, ranking and results then start investing in what others are ignoring.

Final Words:

Every day more than a million articles get published worldwide.

The web is becoming the holy grail of content.

As you were reading this article; here is what you should take away;
  • Invest more time on research and writing each blog post even if it takes weeks.

  • Hire professional editors to get the best copy of your content.

  • Update old content and make it relevant for the audience.

  • Publish your case studies or research studies.

  • Invest time and money to be unconventional yet meaningful.
This is what you should learn from the industry leaders.

If you still have any question, feel free to ask me via comments.

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Because, Sharing is Caring!

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How to Become a Successful Sports Blogger?

If you love sports, then blogging about it can seem like the perfect way to make money. While this can be a lot of fun, it is also harder work than some people think.

Therefore, it pays to fully understand what you are getting into and then be fully prepared for it.

How to Become a Successful Sports Blogger: eAskme
How to Become a Successful Sports Blogger: eAskme

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What do you need to know to become a successful sports blogger

Choose a Sport and Angle

It would be great to be able to write about any sport and any topic that interests you at any given time.

However, the problem with this approach is that it would be difficult to attract an audience.

People generally like to know what to expect from a blog.

Around the world, there are believed to be 4 billion soccer fans, 825 billion basketball fans, and 500 million baseball fans.

Even sports that seem fairly limited in appeal at first have usually got millions of devoted fans.

This means that finding a sport with enough fans shouldn’t be a problem.

So, you might choose to focus on NFL, NBA, or NHL games.

Or you might go for tennis or golf.

It is vital that you choose a sport you are interested in and can regularly write about, unless you plan to outsource all of the writing to other people.

It is possible to run a blog on a subject you aren’t interested in, but it is going to be a lot more difficult to keep producing content for it.

Don’t stop with just the sport, though.

You should also consider an angle that you can focus on.

Do you want to cover subjects as tactical analysis, player lifestyles and earnings, or the average fan’s viewpoint?

This will keep you to keep a consistent voice and will also let your readers know what to expect.

Keep It up to Date

It is crucial that you keep a sports blog up to date.

Fans look for the latest news and opinions on these sites, so you could look painfully out of date if you don’t post regularly.

People don’t want to see you talking about old games and last year’s news on your home page.

The good news is that it is easy to find news stories on the most popular sports.

You can look for the latest events and stories to put into your own words whenever you are short of something to write about.

You can also branch out to write special features on subjects such as historic NFL SuperBowls, the greatest ever NBA players, or debating who should be the favorites in the online sportsbooks for different competitions.

It makes sense to keep the site fresh with the current news, but you could also have other categories for these evergreen stories.

Use Social Media to Grow

Sports blogging is ideally suited to social media marketing.

You can reach out to new readers by using the likes of Facebook and Twitter wisely.

Let people see some of the subjects that you write about and the brand voice that you are promoting.

If you aren’t particularly experienced in social media use then this is something that may be worth getting a freelancer to do on your behalf.

It should prove to be a big part of your marketing plans if you get it right, so be patient as your audience grows in this way.

Decide How to Monetize It

Assuming that all of this hard work and planning pays off, how will you be rewarded for it?

How do you plan to monetize your site so that it is worthwhile running it and putting so much effort into it?

You might decide to sell some sort of sporting merchandise or use affiliate links pointing to a sports-related business.

You could also place Google ads on the pages or charge a subscription fee for some sort of extra level of service or access.

Not all sports blogs are financial successes. However, there is a big audience of sports fans out there that you can tap into if you are smart about it. 

If you still have any question, do share via comments.

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Top Tips to Become a Successful Sports Blogger

If you have a flair for the written word and a passion for a sport, it makes complete sense to combine those two skills and launch your very own sports blog. Blogging has simply exploded in popularity in the last decade, as content management systems have made it easier than ever to create individual websites for bloggers to voice their opinions and break exclusive stories that other reporters and journalists may not be able to.

As a result, sports blogging has not just become a fun pastime for some, it has even become a career for those that get it right.

Top tips to become a successful sports blogger: eAskme
Top tips to become a successful sports blogger: eAskme

With hundreds of millions of blogs now circulating the internet, it can be hard to cut through the noise, but by doing things properly and showcasing your knowledge and personality on screen you can attract thousands of visitors that can help to monetize your website.

If you’ve always fancied becoming a sports blogger, this guide will give you top tips on how to make your mark and turn a much-loved hobby into a potential second income.

Choose your niche and stick with it

We’ve already discussed the explosion of blogs on the internet, but it’s important to reinforce the importance of choosing an angle or niche for your blog that sets you apart from the rest.

It’s important not to spread yourself too thin on the ground.

If you’re a soccer fan, don’t choose to write a blog dedicated to the entire English Premier League.

With 20 teams to cover, this would be virtually impossible to maintain alongside your studies or day job.

Don’t be afraid to narrow down your focus and write about a specific team instead.

You might be fearful that this will reduce your potential traffic, but that couldn’t be further from the truth.

Say you choose to write about Manchester United instead of the entire English Premier League.

Your articles will still feature EPL-related content, which could see it rank for EPL-related keywords and search terms as well as Manchester United keywords.

Plus, it’s always better to own your niche than to be one of many swimming in a sea of ‘niche noise’.

Create a posting schedule to maintain article frequency

An editorial calendar can provide inspiration for new article angles and topics: eAskme

The biggest issue among most sports bloggers is maintaining the frequency of their articles.

So many start out with good intentions to write daily content to entice Google’s search engine bots to your blog more frequently.

However, too few manage to keep up with their intended output, which leads to frustration and the eventual death of the blog.

Sure, you want to be putting out new and interesting sports content on a regular basis, but not to the detriment of your enjoyment writing it.

Build your own posting schedule that will help to provide inspiration for future articles and structure for your article frequency.

If the sports team you cover plays at weekends, pencil in a round-up article on a Monday to discuss the comings and goings and the fall-out from the game.

It all helps to build the necessary familiarity and consistency that readers want from their most trusted bloggers.

It’s important to accept that you’re not going to get instant gratification or exposure after the first couple of weeks of blogging.

Successful sports bloggers commit to it as a long-term process, building authority and readerships over several months, even years.

Once you’ve accepted that you won’t get rich from sports blogging overnight, it’s far easier to get into the nuts and bolts of what you want to write about.

Social media is your best friend to gain exposure

As a brand-new website, it’s difficult for your website to rank in major search engines for the topics you are talking about.

If you want to build instant traction for your blog from day one, social media is most certainly your best friend.

Promote all of your initial articles via Facebook and Twitter, making sure to include suitable hashtags relevant to your sports niche e.g. a sports club’s hashtag or the hashtag commonly used by supporters of a sports team on social media.

It’s also a good idea to find other ‘influencers’ within your niche to share your blog content with on social media.

Incorporate their social handles within tweets and Facebook posts to encourage them to take a look and, hopefully, share it with their own followers.

It’s the best way to build authority and exposure simultaneously without having to spend a cent.

Ensure your blog is suitably optimized for search engines

Once your sports blog is up and running, it’s important to optimize your blog’s web pages for major search engines such as Google and Bing.

Search engine optimization (SEO) is the process of ensuring web pages are visible for relevant terms and keywords a target user will input into a search engine.

If you chose to use WordPress for your sports blog, as so many frequently do, it’s possible to download a handy plugin to do the hard work for you.

WordPress SEO by Yoast creates immediate fields in the back end of WordPress for you to enter meta titles and meta descriptions for all landing pages.

It will even inform you how well-optimized each individual page is for key search terms.

You should also look to register your website with Google and Bing.

This is an entirely free process, but it helps to put your new blog on the radar of bots operated by Google and Bing that crawl the internet in search of high-quality, relevant content.

Useful ways to monetize your blog to get paid for your efforts

Once you have sustainable traffic flowing to and from your website, it may be possible to earn some money from your sports blogging.

You could start by signing up to affiliate programs from relevant organisations.

For example, sportsbooks tend to offer betting promotions to entice new customer sign-ups.

You may be able to promote some of these offers and get commission from the sportsbooks when users sign up.

Google AdSense is still a tried and trusted way to monetize your sports blog.

Integrate Adsense ads into your blog and you’ll be able to feature an array of advertisements that are targeted to what your visitors have previously searched for in Google.

This is known as re-targeting.

You could, of course, aim to sell your blog to the highest bidder.

Typically, blogs will be in-demand if they are getting five to six-figure monthly visitors, as this is a huge demographic to advertise and reach out to.

Ultimately, the world is your oyster once you become a fully-fledged sports blogger.

It’s a hugely fulfilling pastime and could become a direct pathway into full-time journalism, with websites and newspapers regularly scouring the web for talented writers in their respective fields.

Good luck!

If you have any question, feel free to ask via comments

If you find this article interesting, don’t forget to share it with your friends and family.


Because, Sharing is Caring!

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